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A Cache So Bad That's What Makes It Good?

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I have been considering designing a cache DESIGNED to be horrible to the point of utter silliness... really make a real parody of a bad cache, it's sooooooooooo bad. "In the middle of a parking lot next to a junkyard" bad. Placed "wherever the local roads authority dumps road kill" bad. "Between the stockyard and the rendering plant" bad. "Omigod, you have to be a complete masochist to hunt this cache, and the cache placer is obviously a SADIST!" bad. :P


Like watching a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" movie, all ya can do is have fun with how bad it is! THAT kinda bad, only deliberate, and really inspired. I mean sooooooo bad you have just gotta laugh! AND it's meant to be that way. :P


Unfortunately, all I can come up with for ideas all simply rise to the level of fairly annoying. I cannot come up with anything at the "creature from the black lagoon" level, so bloody awful it's good. Kinda like you'd find yourself both laughing and annoyed after that adventure as you mutter to yourself: "Why the HECK did I just DO that??!!"


Hmmmm... Somewhere out there has GOT to be a cache like that. Anyone know of anything? Be cool to read some stories...

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A really bad cache?


Just use a small wire cage for your cache container, and put all your cache contents in the container. Use only bio-degradable cache contents, that would get very interesting comments from the cachers that find the thing.


Finally name your cache: "BACK TO NATURE"

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There's one near me that is on a lovely garden spot corner. I'd post the link, but the cache owner wants people to discover the area on their own. They don't want them to know in advance what they'll see when they get there.


On the SW corner of the intersection, there's a huge electrical power plant, replete with towers and humming lines everywhere; the place nearly vibrates. On the NW corner, there's an enormous active gravel pit, with hundred of dump trucks coming and going all day long, slinging rocks and spitting gravel on any car unlucky enough to get caught behind them at a light. On the SE corner, believe it or not, there's a community park with a patch of woods along a creek. But it that where the cache is? NO! It's on the NE corner, along a chainlink fence that encloses the city's waste water treatment plant: you got it: the sewer works. All the stink and all the gravel dust and all the high tension wires waft towards that sad little park. Wanna come hiking with me? :blink:

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