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  1. Hope everyone's doing well. Just wanted to pass along a little note. My daughter was in Science Olympiad State Competition on April 18th. One of her events was called "Road Scholar" and is about map reading. She told me after the test the story line was all about Geocaching. Which I thought was pretty cool. She said they mentioned waypoints and cache locations. I was very proud of her bring home a gold medal in that event, a silver in "Elevated Bridge", and a Bronze in "Bio Process Lab". I'm happy to see caching spreading to other areas in a positive way!!!!
  2. How's everybody doing? I just noticed Bill has reached the 1000 cache milestone. It's about time!!!! Well congrads are in order Bill. Hope it doesn't take you as long to get to 2000! HA! HA! ~Ara of TeamTek
  3. How's everyone in the CVC area doing? Haven't been here in a while. I have a question for everyone. Is Lee from Team Alamo ok. I noticed he hasn't cached in almost a month. Also, good job Bill on "eyeleveleye".
  4. Looks like everyone had fun at the event! Just stopping by and just seeing how everyone is doing. My dad and I might get into more of a rhythm in the summertime in ways of geocaching. Anyways too bad we couldn't make it to the event, our schedule was full. Hope to see you guys around.
  5. Sorry guys I haven't been around much lately been real busy! Today is also my birthday so yay!
  6. WOn't be around this weekend or next week Scout camp and this saturday I'm going tothe bay area to cache. Should be fun.
  7. Me Don Bosco and his dad are going to make it. My dad can't cause hes on a camping trip with my sisters..
  8. I don't know if it's smart to go. I'm sure they'll take me and tape me up in the back begging for a clue on my cache...
  9. Two whole days and no one has found it!!! SOMEONE PLEASE FIND IT!!! It would have been funny if it was a 50 stage multi... --Marky Haha don't give me ideas for my 100th...
  10. Ryan, maybe this is why no one is looking for it? Trust me it's there.
  11. Two whole days and no one has found it!!! SOMEONE PLEASE FIND IT!!!
  12. hmmm...No FTF yet on this one! I may have to make a trip Northward soon. They're on the way... ...Yesterday, I was in Stockton waiting for this to be approved and ended up with four DNF's - three of which are confirmed MIA's but I believe it's the lot. On a good note, we did get six finds including a Stump Tek that had burned me before. Now what? Work or Tek's 50th? Work or Tek's 50th? Hummm. That's a difficult one. I know what Kenny would do. Even if you did decide to come up here I think you'd be wasting your time cause your not going to find it.
  13. My newest cache is up! Check it out!
  14. I'm hitting the So. Cal area this weekend. Should be sweet!
  15. We are planning our 50th hide and it's sure to please. Just wanted to warn you...
  16. Been real quite around here where is every1?
  17. We just hid a bunch of caches around here and also fixed up our 4th of July Series caches.
  18. It would also be hard to make it with Track practices and piles of homework. I'd love to help but it's just too hard...
  19. Well, I think National Treasure - Ripon will keep them busy for a few years. I'd be delighted to help at the meeting but have a commitment I can't break that day. Tonight would have worked - darn it. Geocaching is a great activity for scouts so maybe someone else can step up to the plate this time. Hummm. Who likes scouting, lives in CVC and knows enough about Geocaching that he could introduce it to another pack? I hope your not talking about me.....
  20. Was the circular weed thing actually in a news paper??
  21. You could take a look at www.sitecrossing.com. Cost looks reasonable and it has options of a whole lot of the features you might wish to use. I haven't used it, but have considered it. Another good lead...I will do some homework tomorrow and maybe start down this path. Has the CVC ever had an official site? Tim I beleive Adobe has a website making utility. Pagemaker I think. Thanks Kenny...I own every Adobe product that they have made. (Guess I should read the instructions evry now and then!) I hate Adobe. Everytime a person uses it to make a webpage it takes a really long time to load it. Could be just me.
  22. That is also a very devious cache!
  23. Hmmm, I recall being run off this area twice! Once by human, Once by K-9 Sorry Z & I missed Motowns Greatest Hits. My father has some health issues we are dealing with right now but we should be right as rain in a month or so. Really enjoying reading all the logs & posts. Even though we won't beable to cache for awhile, I can still be up to date with all that's going on within the CVC. Hope to see all soon Sal & Z I think I'll hide some caches. I have some REALLY devious ideas for some caches, some I think Bill knows from a certain source at the event...
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