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Gps On Airliners

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Does anyone know if it is alright to use a GPS on an airline.

More specifically on a domestic Canadian flight with in the country.

I would like to take it just to see the speed and how fat the lat/long changes while flying at over 400mph.

I wouldnt want to take it only to find out that I have to leave it at the airport for me to pick up later?


Anyone have experiences and or stories about GPS on a plane that they would like to share?

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Policies vary by airline, and ultimately it is up to the pilot. Security shouldn't be a problem. When I recently flew I decided apologize if I was out of line but not ask for permission first. I was able to use it with no question on United Airlines. I respected the general requests to not use electric gadgets during takeoffs and landings.


It was pretty cool to be able to tie what you see out the window to the map on the GPSr. I was also interested in the elevation readings. I usually had a good lock if I held the unit to the window.

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HERE is a list of which airlines approve of GPS usage in flight.

I just want to chime in and second the idea that the pilot has the ultimate decision....


I was travelling on a small jet, a US Airways flight, but the plane was operated by Chataqua (sp?) airlines.....I had read that US Airways was ok with GPS, so I pulled mine out......When the stewardess saw it, she said "Oh, you cant use that up here"...I said "GPS isnt ok?" She said "No."


So, I was bummed......didn't think it would be a good idea to argue the point either... :(



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I was on a flight with EL AL on my way to Israel and I pulled mine out...No one talked to me about it but that didnt matter because I was getting nada for signal. Not only wouldnt it lock but I wasnt even getting hallow lines from the sattelites. I wish I did cause I had my laptop with Fugawi and a world map...that woulda been cool to say to my buddies on the plane "If you look to the left you will see the boot of italy", but alas, there was no signal. :(

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I took a Legend with me to Ecuador. I had to hold it right up to the Window, and sometimes I even had to position it just right. Other times I could lay it down on the tray and it would maintain a lock for sometime, but would eventually lose it. My arm got really tired on those flights!


After that, I bought an eMap with an external antenna connector and bought an external antenna with window suction mount as well. That was a great combination. I never lost a lock with that setup.


Now I've got a 60C and use it with the external antenna. Haven't been on any flights with my 60 yet though.

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