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  1. To my knowledge there is no way to filter those out specifically. I tried to filter by key words and it only returned 2 results. I wonder if you tried to view them all on a map then you could easily select the GC numbers for the ones your interested in. I'll do some more digging around and see what I can find. 73's Bill
  2. Several of these posted, especially the one marked as suck look like they may infact be Indian Trees. It's very cool to stumble across one. We have several here in Central/Northern ohio from the MOhican Indian Tribe. Let me see if I can find some more information on them.... Lots of articles on them, too many to post here, but this will get you started.... It's a very interestring read about some of our past history: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Indian+trail+marker+trees Bill
  3. The quality of my logs depends on the quality of the hide. I don't spend much time and don't bother to write more than simply tftc if its another pill bottle stuck to a stop sign, or film canister shoved under a lightpole skirt. I don't enjoy these types of caches. They lack any creativity and i'll go as far to say they pollute this sport. However a good hide, containing either a good sized cache, or Particularly creativity, or a cache location that takes me somewhere unique, I try to "pay" the cache owner back with either a detailed log, or some pictures. Like anything you get back what you put into it. My little thing I've used since 2004 when I found my first cache had been, I always sign off my logs with "cache you on the trail" I've noticed over the years several other cachers in the area also have adapted it. Bill
  4. Awesome!!! Thanks a ton guys. But now I have more to figure out. Are you using POI's instead of waypoints for your caches? If so how are you converting them from GSAK to POI then transmitting? Or a link if you don't feel like typing. BIll
  5. ok I read the GSAK FAQ, and read that I can make it transfer the hints to my GPSr insted of the cache description in my notes page on my GPS. The FAQ reads: 11. I would like to see the cache hint in my GPS. How do I do this? Firstly, your GPSr must support a waypoint description (sometimes referred to as notes or comments) in addition to the waypoint name. Secondly in the "Cache Description format" enter the special tag of %hint. An example of a GPSr that supports notes is the Garmin 60c/s (Note: currently the 60c/s only supports a maximum of 30 characters in the notes) Where is the "cache description format" that I enter the %hint. I searched but co0uldn't figure it out. Thanks in advanced Bill. Team FUBAR
  6. I likewise have a 60csx. I looked long and hard before I bought it if I wanted the electronic compass. I decided to go with it. ice then I haven't used it very often. The 6ocsx is so sensative with the satelites all you have to do is take a step (or two on a bad day) and it will re-align and show your direction. I currently have my compass so only come on when I tell it too. I havfe used it a few times, while out hiking in the woods, but I always carry a backup compass as well. I only trust electronics so far. One thing i'll pass on to people with a electronic compass. On models like the 60csx you can set the compass to turn on after being below a certain speed for a certain amount of time. I originally had mine set to turn on when under 1mph for 5 seconds or something like that. What I found is the compass would turn on and I would rotate my body to point the compass and it would lock up. What was actually happening was when I would rotate my body I was actually changin the position of the gps, and it was sensing that as movement over 1mph and it was switching the compass off. So I had to change it to automatically turn on when under 10mph for 5 seconds. I also overide the compass most of the time(page button) I hope that makes sense. Bill
  7. Dont' worry it'll get better with practice. In this sport/addiction just remember the cache can be anything, anywhere. One thing to remember is once your gps says yout close like within 30 ft or so put it down and start looking. Your gps will get you close but usally won't take you right to it. Don't get discoutraged and don't rely on your GPSr toooooo much. Cache you on the trail Bill
  8. Try changing from Manetic to True North. I thnk you might just be over analyzing it, but i could be wrong. Bill
  9. What your EPE or accuracy reading. What you have to understand is your gps kindof guess where you are. If your accuraccy is say 25 feet(common for heavy canopy) you could really be 25feet in any direction from where you are. So your GPSr basically draws a 50 Foot diameter circle and averages your location to the middle. This in what it reads your current location as. You also have to take in to account when the geo hider hid the cache if there EPE was 15ft. and then you come along looking for it with a EPE of 11ft. The coordinates could be as far as 52ft. Off. Normall when I get within 75 foot or so or where I GPSr says the cache should be I pay more attention to places I would hide the cache. Hope this helps Bill
  10. Ahhhhhh,,,,, That makes more sense. My appologizes. I read to many posts after the original and forgot that little detail. Bill
  11. I really like the one with tritrilium pointers on it. My sig p229 I had special ordered with tritulium(sp) night sight. Very very cool. I can's see spending 90 bucks on one tho. I'll look into a silva.I've heard good things about them. I know the basics on how to use a compass in coroliation with a good topo map. It's always a good thing to know, and have on hand. Thanks for the replys everybody. Bill
  12. Those things aren't sealed are they? The ones I've use for sprinkler system are open on the bottom. They are meant just to kee the sides from caving in. Wouldn't make a good cache container would it? BIll
  13. I like wise have a CHL here in Ohio. I carry daily and never leave home without it. I however don't carry while caching because I think I will need it. If I ever need my sig to go somewhere I have no business going there. I carry becasse it's what I know, and it's comfortable and it's safest on my side rather than not in my presence. I also carry a knife on me at all times, all day everyday. One that opens fast, and one handed. You never know when your gonna need one. Infact I've had to use mine to cut my arm out of a conveyor that almost ripped it off once(not a good day, I couldn't cache for a week). Also in a small animal encounter I would not use my sidearm. If I'm on the ground wrestling with a animal only god knows where those rounds are gonna go. Let;s face it, accuracy even at 6 inches while getting bitten and fighting for your life is'nt that good. I'd be afraid of a stray round hitting my family. Just my two cents. Bill
  14. Yea yea yea I know, A 2 dollar one supposidly works as well as a 30 dollar one. But I like to have the best of everything. Is there anyfeatures in a compass that are nice to have compared to ones that don't matter. I'm not new to this sport, and suprizingly I've never bought a compass. I've never really needed one, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have around when those batteries finally die in the middle of a 10 mile hike. Bill
  15. I'm sure this is common sense but I'm gonna say it anyways. Alot of caching involves kids. So don't put things in there you wouldn't want your kids to get ahold of(matches, lighters, pocket knives, adult materials etc). Although for my tobacco addicted caching partner a dry pack of matches would sometimes come in handy, generally considered not a good trade item. Mcdonalds items are common but in my opinion boring. I personally enjoy key chains, flashlights, and playing cards. My personal trade item is those carabiners with the AAA flashlight built it. I found a hardware store that had them for a $1 a piece and I bought them all. I wish I could find more cheap like that. They seem to be a big hit around here.... O yea BATTERIES ARE ALWAYS A PLUS. Infact my FTF prize for a cache I will be placing near my camper in Mohican this year is a energizer charger and set of 4 2500mah batteries with a car charger, cost about $30 at target but I expect it to be a hit as well as a great suprise for the first visitior. Bill
  16. Can you turn different groups of waypoins on and off on the map on a 60csx. I allready RTFM and it dosen't mention anything on if you can do this. I thought I saw it somewhere in a menu but now I can't find it again. Bill
  17. Did you accidently have yourback light on, and when the unit turned off, and powered back up the backlight was off? Bill
  18. Thanks for you excellent reviews. I'm still going to buya x series but I believe I'm going to purchase the 60cx. Unless there's any hint that that the firmware in the future will allow you to choose between which elevation you can use. The compass is a nice thing that I was orginally pretty excited about but I'm wondering now if it's just better to spend a few extrean bucks on a decent handheld magnetic. Can the electronic compass be turned off and on as you want to use it? Bill
  19. I'm looking into purchasing a 60csx but I have one question. Can I load say a topo and a street map on the unit at the same time and tuen them onn anf off one at a time as I choose? I think I saw a post long time ago about the standard 60cs that you could do that. Also how do you all like your x units. Some of the other post have alot of posts badmouthing them, well alot of posts but from the same few people. Billy
  20. So, sounds like nobody has anything good to say about these units. Im going to be buying one of these units shortly and need some advice. I don't necessarily need the barameter but I do like the electronic compazs feature. So here's my question, does the altimeter being off mess with your accyracy. Like if I mark a waypoint and the barometer is reading say 5000 feet, and I go to return to it later and the baremeter is reading 30,000 feet is the unit gonna tell me I'm 25,000 feet off? You know what I'm saying. Do these units mark the vertical as well as the horizontal as the location? Bill
  21. Is there a web site that I can enter lat / lon or an address and get free topo maps for that area. kindof like using mapquest? cache you on the trail
  22. sorry for the previous post I found it.... I've been out of the sport for a while and sometimes act like a newbie. Cache you on the trail.
  23. There was a thread I saw many months ago where someone had shown exzactly how much of Ohio you could load on the 60cs. Someone help me find it please. Finally I have enuf money to get a new 60cs, but don't know if the memory will play a part for me here in ohio.
  24. Yes they are. I'm 14. I'm not into Boy Scouts obviously, but I was a Girl Scout for a few years. I got sick of it when all we did was art projects and dropped out. Right now my second favorite hobby is amateur radio. What band do you hang out on? What's your callsign?
  25. jusst head to the local Radio Shack and get yourwself another charger.
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