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  1. Thanks all...I grabbed it from the current holder and dropped it in the new cache........added a note as well stating that. This particular TB's goal was to "travel to as many events as possible"......and when I looked at the log for it, it had visited places but was not dropped anywhere.....I guess I have been away from this for too long...I guess this is something new? In the old days, a TB had specific goals like "end up in Colorado" etc.....we grabbed it and then saw the goal, so we dropped it locally in another cache because we were not sure what the goal really was.....hoe we didnt upset anyone..... When we had placed OUR cache 11 years ago (!) we had put in a TB....it travelled a while and ebded up disappearing....."Tyler's Critter"......my kid was bummed.....so I know how it is to have your TB not do what you had hoped....
  2. Found a tb today and grabbed it....then dropped it in another cache. Found later that the tb was not logged into the first cache to grab which means we cannot log it to the new location yet....what is the proper etiquette on what's next?
  3. The simplest way is to print the TB Info Info sheet from the TB's page, write the Tracking Number on it, laminate it, and set it free. Or you may release most anything with the Tracking number on it, or even make your own tag. Update the TB page, and you're golden. It's the solution to stolen Travel Bugs. If your Copy tag has "Keep Me" imprinted on it, keep it. This is very helpful! I didnt know if it was "legal" to make my own tag to do this,. Very cool! Will re-release it since I have not heard back again from the people who last saw it (and they are regulars here stil)
  4. Don't buy more. But you can re-release a copy indefinitely. Make it as cheap and non-stealable as possible, so it's no big deal when it vanishes. Or make a really cool re-release, and keep it. How do you re-release? I figured you would have to buy a new official tag for it? SO it wouldnt make much sense.... I do still have the "copy" tag.....
  5. I have downloaded a handful of caches to my Oregon 450, and have been doing paperless caching. Real cool! But I cant seem to find anywhere the answer to my question - Do I have to "send to device" to get the full listings or can I check off the caches I want and "download waypoints" and get the same thing? The latter would be much faster....but looks like "download" means "download to your computer", not the device.... I was hoping I could just check off all the caches I have not found within 50 miles ,etc and download all at once and go about my merry way...... Thanks in advance folks!
  6. I wanted to followup now that I have used the Oregon 450 on a real cache hunt. My boys and I went out and did our cache (3 stages) and 4 others. I was VERY impressed at how spot on the Oregon was! And so much easier to use than the V! Being able to download the cache descriptions and hints (premium membership required) for paperless caching? PRICELESS! When we were caching a lot, I used a lot of paper and ink and TIME......now its all "in there" ! Battery lasted just fine and I had the screen lit 100% the whole time.... As an aside....We took the V with us as a backup......it ended up dying.....keeps shutting down an has a line thru the screen when it does...so I think the V is DOA. RIP V,....you were very good to me!
  7. I didnt mean to say that premium members are smarer or nicer etc than standard members. I have been a regualr member for like 8 or 9 years and only recently tried premium (in full disclosure) because I want the downloadable cache info on my GPS. I like that feature a lot and will likely keep going premium. That said, I feel like I have invested in the game by doing so....and I feel more like a contributor to the overall scheme of things...so I will be even more llikely to play by the rules. That said, I know that not all will feel that way. You are right abouyt one thing for sure -- people these days simply have no manners as far as honor systems anymore for anything. Its sad. The TB was such a COOOOOL feature......and I wanted to do another one....but looking at the current stats of TBs that go missing? Seems like a waste.
  8. If I can add to that ..... If the TBs are placed in "Premium Member Only" caches non-Premium Members would not be able to locate them. This would take a bit of research prior to dropping the TB. I, and the caching community near to where I live, always make new caches "Premium Member Only". Having said that - my TB plus 30+ others were stolen by Premium Members !!! In my opinion, if you have proof that it was premium members that took the TBs and never moved them on, then those members should be banned for life from the site and lose whatever unused money they have paid toward premium. (Maybe that is alresady a rule? Seems like it would be common sense to be so). A "premium" member should know better......they have made the comittment to pay for a membership and should know the rules.....TBs are not prizes, they are game pieces. That wont solve the issue of standard members (who should ALSO know the rules) since anyone can set up an account with any email address they want. But Premium members are very trackable with credit card/payment info. Another idea: There should be a board like a "wall of shame". When your TB has been out of commission for more than a set period of time...let's say 6-8 weeks.....that user name and info gets posted. An automated email goes out to ALL members with each post to alert folks and (hopefully) encourage the person to drop the TB somewhere where it can be moved on. VERY FEW people can use the excuse of "extenuating circumstances"....and if you cant move a TB SOMEWHERE in 6-8 weeks after making the comittment to do so when you TOOK the TB, then you deserve some public humiliation. If its an honest mistake on your part, you state so and move the TB on, then the post is removed when the TB is back in circulation. That will not cure the issue of certain people keeping them on PURPOSE...but it MIGHT help sway some people into doing the right thing. The "honor system" obviously doesnt work. Its a real shame. The one and only TB I have ever done is missing.....and to be honest, it was a find in a cache when I was new to the game. SOmeone had donated itt o a cache with the only request that it be used. My 5 year old and I did so......and we watched with esxcitement until it turned up missing.
  9. Geeez. I was considering buying a new TB to replace the one we had released years ago which went missing......but if people are having that sort of track record these days, its hardly worth it. Shameful that some folks are making their own game of TBs and stealing them!
  10. Ok, one last rant from me on this tonight-lol I went back and traced the steps of Team Three Boys and Montycore (the last members who had their hands on our TB). TTB apparently found two TBs in two different caches on 8/27/08 when ours was last "found" by them. They found it in one of two caches, from what I can see: GC14VCD "Travel Bug" (now archived) or GC15A1B "Bear Creek Cemetary" still active. The logs there very clearly state "took TB" but it doesnt say WHICH TB they took! Now, Montycore had posted a "found" and that he was going to place its somewhere. Looking at Montycore's "found" caches, he has none. He has ONE cache himself, the "travel big" cache. SO all I can assume is that my TB was placed there. Montycore has not been on the site since 2008.......so dead end there. His cache is archived as destroyed. SO again, I go back to the log from Team Three Boys......their logs do not indicate WHAT cache they found WHAT TB there and where they put it. Why bother logging the find at all if you are not going to say what TB you took and where you put it? On the log for our TB, all it says is "discovered". Does that mean they TOOK it or SAW It and left it? And WHERE did they "discover" it?? I think one rule is that , in a log, if you TAKE a TB, you should be required to post its name!
  11. I am with the original poster.....it is very frustrating to have a TB go missing. regardless of the "rules" -- "you give up rights to ownership".....fine. But whatever happened to being courteous and responsible? If I come up to you, reach my hand in your pocket and take a $5 bill from it, without you knowing, is that stealing? If you take a $5 travel bug from a cache and neglect to move it on to another cache, YOU ARE STEALING. Period. You may not have meant to. Or you may have. But YOU took it from the cache KNOWING it was aTB that needed to be moved on, so its YOUR responsibility to move it on and keep it safe til you do! People do not lose their car or house keys. They TAKE CARE of them. because they are important to THEM. A TB is very similar....its like a key ring...same size.....they are lost because the last person who touched it did not respect the idea behind it. At least that is how I was raised....treat others' property like your own and do what is right. Yeah, its "just" $5. But that isn't the point. Some people have more than money tied up in a TB. my son was heartbroken to hear his "Tyler's Critter" went missing. It lasted 3 years or so......was last in the hands of someone who is still on this forum...and was only logged as "discovered it". It was never heard from again. Did that person take and keep it? Or did the person after them take it? People should respect the idea of other people's property. That TB may no longer be "mine" or my son's ,but its ALSO not YOURS because its in the cache when you find it. It belongs to the GAME! If you play the game, you should play it right and take responsibility for your moves inside that game.
  12. I have to agree that if you take a TB from a cache and do not move it on, for whatever reason you are stealing it. My opinion: It is VERY CLEAR what a TB is when you take it...that silver tag clearly states what it is and what to do with it. It clearly says that this is something different. If you take a TB from a cache and fail to move it on, for whatever reason,. you have stolen it. It is your responsibility to make sure it doesnt get lost in your car, given to a 5 year old or otherwise put somewhere other than in another cache. I know "responsibility" is a bad word these days, but that is what a TB is...A RESPONSIBILITY. I set a TB into action back in 2004 with my son, who was then 5. He is now 13 and the TB has been missing since 2008. before that, it was missing a whole year and someone finally fessed up to having it and moved it on. before THAT it was very much moved as it should be. Last seen with "Team Three Boys", we have no idea where it was placed -- it just says "discovered" in their log. I emailed, hoping maybe they have found it after these years, but I doubt it. My sons and I found a few travel bugs and some we took and moved on as soon as we could (though NONE took 8 years to move) and some we DID NOT take because we knew we could not fulfill the request of the owner. DO NOT TAKE TRAVEL BUG FROM A CACHE IF YOU DO NOT INTEND ON KEEPING IT SAFE! Yeah, its just a $4 tag and whatever it is attached to. But regardless, it is someone else's property and a memory for that person!
  13. Thanks folks! I ended up ordering the Oregon 450 for $200 from GPSCITY. Reasoning: - I was turned off by the buttons/joystick on the etrex, especially the joystick. I read a couple places that this stick is always "active " so it is easy to accidentally bump it, whatever, when its in a pocket etc and end up doing stuff you do not intend. I have a ZUmo on my motorycle and love its touch screen (and yest, its also pressure sensitive, versus a smart phone). I had tried out the etrex (I think that is what it was) years back and actually bought one.....but I decided it was too small and (at the time) lacked features for me. And at the time I think it too used a stick and buttons. I ended up returning it for the V. - The larger screen means a lot to me.....I hate squinting at tiny screens to start with. More data on a smaller screen just compounds my issues....(getting old...LOL)..... - The compass is nice to have, although not a dealmaker for me. -Carrying a few extra batteries, to me, is not a big deal, for the tradeoffs. I am not in the woods for days at a time...just a few hours at a time for caching or trailriding on the ATV. I can see how the better battery life with the etrex would be awesome for a hiker. I have seen mixed opinions on the screen brigtness of the two units in question. I saw a couple comments that the Oregon is great as far a brightness....another couple that the etrex has a lot of glare and is hard to see.......But I guess I will "see" soon! LOL Remember, I am used to the V in the woods- with its small monochrome, glarish screen and it was fine, so either would be a huge step up. The barometric pressure thing mentioned is something I hadnt picked up on and is a cool feature for sensing weather changes indeed! Thanks for mentioning that! I should have my new Oregon 450 soon and will update this thread when I do. Thanks again for the feedback. I have been on the fence about getting a new GPS for some time...the V was getting difficult and was making me not want to cache much. WIth some new caches in my neck of the woods and a new GPS, I will have no excuse now! One thing I do want to learn about is how to get maps from Google Earth, which I have seen mentioned. Or should I just buy topo maps?
  14. Thanks for the feedback....just popped on the GPS CIty 450. Excited! First new gizmo for a while! LOL Also ordered the ram mount cradle for it. Ironically I think I bought my V from them many years back?
  15. Thanks....I am also considering the Garmin Oregon 450......refurb'd by garmin for $200.....versus Etrext for $170....
  16. So trying to decide between the two.... Seems that some here prefer the Oregon, others the Etrex. Etrex has 1.7gb buil in memory, the Oregon 850 mb....both do memory cards. Oregon is touch screen and a bigger screen (2.2 vs 3 inch) Any other major differences? The Oregon has "picture viewer"...but to do what with? It doesnt TAKE pictures....why would you need a picture viewer?? I like the idea of touch screen versus buttons....will the touch screen hold up though? And is half the built in memory be a problem.
  17. Hi all. Back after a long hiatus. I am considering replacing my well-used Garmin V for geocaching and trail use. Seems like the favorite right now for geocaching is the eTrex 20. AT $170 or so, not a huge investment. So was considering it. One thing I want to do is use my ram mount and mount the new unit to my ATV so as to not get lost..... Does the eTrex hold up well to vibration and dirt and such? Anyone using it this way? Is the battery life claimed by Garmin really 25 hours on two AA batteries? My old Garmin V was more or less reliable but vibration caused it to shut down some times. Having a color screen will be like night and day....was so used to the V's little monochrome! I have two other GPS...a Garmin Zumo for my motorcycle and then a Garmin for my wife's car...both work great but neither would be appropriate for trails.. Thanks all.
  18. Thanks for the feedback folks... I PMd the person, still no reply yet...... Bummer......This TB was kind of important to me as it was one that I and my son did together........
  19. My son and I started a travel bug a few years back.....after a time away from caching due to some issues, we have started again and have found that our travel bug went missing in april 2006......the person who logged finindg it has not visited theforum since that log.......... Is there any way to track down a TB or is it pretty much gone? I am hoping maybe the last finder dropped it somewhere and it is "somewhere".....
  20. Hi all.... I am looking to make or buy a cable so I can connect my Garmin V to my motorcycle's power....I already have a power lead setup with a nice tight connector...I just need the 5 pin Garmin end..... Anyone have any hot leads on where to buy?? Gillson makes one (a bare power cable) but it is $22....OUCH! Anyone?
  21. Thanks...I had tried these when I did a search...thjey are just maps of the railroads that served the old mines.... I am looking for an up to date map of the abandoned mines....I keep seeing it on TV around here but I cant find one online.....
  22. Does anyone know where Ican go online to look at maps that plot out known coal mines in Southwestern PA? I am trying to determine if I should buy mine subsidence insurance..... Lots of mine-related stuff going on around here and I am getting to think I should get insurance.... Thanks in advance folks....
  23. To be honest, I really wonder if anyone will ever actually win anything. These types of marketing contests I always wonder about.....just like the "Clearinghouse Sweepstakes"......my paranoid theory is that they stage the "winners".....I mean, does anyone actually KNOW anyone personally who has won a Clearinghouse Sweepstakes?? I was pretty excited about the jeep contest until I realized that it really had nothing to do with how many jeeps you found.......
  24. I entered the Army Reserves when I was a Junior in high school back in 85...via the "split entry" program.....Went to basic training at Ft. Dix....then trained as a 91D---Operating room Technician-- in Ft Sam Houston and then Walter Reed AMC. Stayed in the reserves, attending drills at the 339th General Hospital unit in Pittsburgh PA until right as the Gulf war got started......my time was up and I didnt re-enlist....I have always thought about "what if". I had some friends from my old unit end up going to the Gulf war.....
  25. "The bottles full of syringes rarely withstand the pressure of processing. They pop open in the garbage truck, leaving the "pickers," who have to sift through piles of trash hunting for recyclables, at high risk of getting stuck with a needle that may be contaminated with HIV, hepatitis viruses or other bloodborne pathogens." Sorry...I know this is an old thread but I just found it.....and had to add my $.02 My opinion is that the solution is to get rid of the pickers and institute a more reasonable (and less digusting) means of recycling...In our community, we have recycling containers that we put our recyclables in for pickup. Eliminates the issue. Contaminated needles are not the only dangers for these "pickers"......rusty razor blades, sharp metal garbage, feces-filled diapers etc etc etc all pose severe health risks for these folks. I think the point I am making is this: While disposing of a used needle in a pop bottle may not be the "best" way to dispose of it, it is certainly a better alternative to leaving it lay on the ground for the next person to deal with or worse yet step on....writing it down in a log book or posting the info on a website is not a good solution. Calling the authorities is better, and taking steps to mitigate the risk yourself is even better. You can get infected from a contaminated needle by touching just the plastic portion of it as much as you can get AIDS from a toilet seat.....unless you have open wounds, you won't. True, a kid shouldn't handle the needle.....but a responsible adult can (should be able to) pickup the needle/syringe and dispose of it with little risk to themselves...... Ideally, the folks using these would dispose of them properly.....but since they don't we as responsible folk have to pick up their slack so that others wont get hurt...or at least that is how it SHOULD work.....Although these days everyone is in it for themselves, so its no surprise that folks dont want to get involved. But as far as the danger: We cache in places where we can step on a poisonous snake, fall off cliffs, get stung by bees/wasps, get poison ivy, get infected with Lyme Diesease, be attacked from some psycho in the woods and a host of other perils but balk at the thought of getting cooties from an inanimate piece of plastic? Handle it properly and the threat is much less than those I mentioned, because you are controlling it. Education on HOW to handle it is the key. Come on folks....we chant the CITO mantra but leave dangerous items laying there??? Sure, it's inconvenient to find a way to transport a needle out....but then, I have hauled a stinky bag of CITOd garbage in the back of my truck 20 miles til I found a public trash facility, so thats just me. I say, leave the trash and get rid of the dangerous stuff, if you have to choose one to participate in.
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