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I have a cache that has a waypoint set that I think I need to change. It is an environmental issue of folks rooting around in the area looking for the first cache. No one has found the first point and I think I know most of the folks doing the cache but I also will need to relocate the first point, a micro. Not sure if just changing the coordinates on the cache page is enough or should I leave a obvious tag at the site with the new waypoint on it? Not sure what is best.


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Probably a note like "Attention, the coords of stages 1-N have been changed - if you found them before Aug 11, you have to revisit the cache" would be appropriate. There might be cachers who did a few stages and ran out of time so they saved the rest of the multi for the next time. Sometimes the seekers post a note in such case, but it is not required.

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seeing as the stage in question is the FIRST stage of the multi, I would most probably do both, post the change AND tag the old location with the new one... at least for a month or so... IMESHO, anyone who doesnt update their queries a min of once a month should oughta go through the extra work :o

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