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  1. Well... hmmm... when you find yourself looking trough the forums, for one. LOL When you find yourself in the Rubbermaid section of a home store debating the sealing ability of the containers??
  2. Bug Congrats on your first find! Just be advised, caching is like eationg potato chips.. you won't be able to stop at just one!
  3. Soo... after reading ALL the posts in this thread ... then I can assume that, like the rest of the net ... the entire GC.com vs. Buxley's issue is monetary. Hmmm... Well.. dot COM IS short for Commerce after all. I do hope that GC and Buxley's do come to a mutually beneficial agreement that will not deprive geocaching from another online tool.
  4. Not a bad page, ya might want to make certain that the powers that be do not mind your using the Groundspeak/geocaching logo on tha page... I doubt they mind, but they might. In order to "provide fair and balanced coverage" you may also want to mention the two "other " listing sites. Again, Good Work
  5. My magellan 310 has the same issue.... I am limited to a 2 decimal precision... there are two ways around this.. the first is to use the degree Decimal minutes (DD MM.MMMM) format or , as I have done, use the UTM(Uniform Transverse Mercator) coordinate system. UTM does not use decimals at all and has the potential to be accurate to just over 3 feet.
  6. OMG! Swallow just invented the first diff 6 puzzle cache! )
  7. canned goods should not attract critters... the food scent cannot get out of the cans unless a can is punctured. i sure hope that cache-tainrrt is bearproofed, or raccon proofed and bug tight
  8. I wouldn't have a problem with it myself, but then I am not one of the PTB
  9. not necissarily so, fellow cacher... there are many olcer units still in use out there that do not deal in anythng less than tenths of a mile or tenths of a Km.
  10. Well, that kinda sucked... I wonder who got thier undies in a knot over the first cache? Also sucks that the newspaper website wont let ianyone into the archives without paying up for it... guess rthey are helpiung put the 'commercial' in .com
  11. there are many, many reasons why people don't trade 'good stuff' 'Swag Entropy' ismist of uit, I would suppose... Somone who isn't expectig to trade for good stuff because they are used to trading swag. that is what they usually get from a cache. So they are unprepared to trade up. Add to that a lack of imagination. A cache item doesn't have to fall iunto the $5-$10 catagory to e cool. I found many really neat trade items at the local 'Dollar Tree/Dollar Heaven/Dollar King/Everything fer a Buck'' stores. Especially toys for kids. I suppose many Neo-cachers are a big cause of the degradation of the quality of cache items, too. Which would explain the over abundance of plastic army men, golf Balls and well used hotwheels cars in caches Break the cycle! No More junk items! please!
  12. First question: the inaccuracies you are geting are not uncommon and are not a result of government induced inaccuracy. Inaccuracies in location can have many sources including satellite orientation and signal path multiplexing ( sat signals bouncing off of nearby tall buildings/geological features such as gorges and cliffs). this canoften be compounded by the posted cache coords being off as a result of the poster's possible 'inaccuracy'. I am sure tht other cacher's in this forum will explain a little more clearly than I can on the operation of garmin units. Second question: 1 Degree = abt 80.5545 Statute ( 70 Nautical) miles. there are 5,280ft to a statute mile. so there are 425327.76 feet to a degree. divide by 60 minutes gives 7,088.796 feet to a minute and 118.1466 feet to a second. 1/10th (.1)minute = abt 709 feet . 1/100th (.01) min = abt 71 feet and 1/1000 (.001) min = about 7.1 feet. World atlas.com and Distance unit conversion source If your unit can handle decimal seconds, then .1 sec = about 11.8 feet , .01sec = about 1.18 feet. Yet another reason why I prefer to use Uniform Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates. everything is already based on meters. no nasty mucking about to remember conversions and precision to 1 meter ( 3.25 feet) Have fun.. thanks 4 caching
  13. For the thrill of the hunt, of course! being privvy to a secrets and a game not many people know about. mental excercise. take your pick. "tubaware"?
  14. well I would say they looked up the coords on a topographic map ie topozone.com, and then took it from there. I belive most national park or other restricted spaces should shpw up on a topo. measure from there
  15. Okay so if i go out and theme my cache as a lame cache and state that it is lame becasue that is the way i inteded it, then does it make it a good one again?? like a double negative??
  16. I would have to treat an offset like a mystery/puzzle cache and keep the actual cache within a mile or two of the intitial coords... this way distance searches don't get all fouled up
  17. Now..to muddy the waters a bit. say the object ( cache, truck, buffalo whatever) you are shooting a brearing to is also mocing, this said object has bot a bearing ( angle to it) and heading (angle in which direction it is moving) But for geocaching purposes, thoth is correct
  18. virgo91967


    I have promised myself to keep my peace about the premie/nonpremie 'wars' but this latest removal of features just happned to bite my butt just the right way for me to break that promise. While I think it is every bit the right of Jeremy and crew to 'correct oversights' as needed, I do not see how the allowing of non-premies access to the scroll/zoom features of the 'new' maps would be removing any thing from the premium members' experience. I USED to use the scrolling and zoom to help me plan my caching roadtrips, as I do not own ( could not afford and still can't) a GPSr capable of d-loading waypoints or a PDA capable of dealing with pocket queries, which I couldn't do anyway cause I am barely able to afford net access let alone the premie member 'premium'. Now I do not have ANY way to plan out my caching trips in any timely way at all. thanks . 'preciate it. I can understand letting premium features into the hands of non-premies for a day, week, month, even a quarter year as being an oversight. letting something like this go for well over a YEAR seems more like a planned move. Sure, It probably was an oversight, but reminds me a bit of a bait -n- switch. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to be a Premie member and on a $300 GPSr and a $250 PDA to go with it and one day I might. But right now just isn't in the cards.. Oh and Ditto to most of ben&JJ's previous post. okay, i am done ranting... I know THPB will not reverse their decision to correct the 'mapping features oversight'. I just needed to express my displeasure and vent . I am done now, except for the 'fending off of the premie-ites" ) --Nuff said
  19. You can also get wooden nickles and traking numbers at Travellertags.com
  20. Well, I guess I had better rethink placing my next cache near the loacal natural gas pipeline pumping station , huh?
  21. Yep better ask in your SE forums, or your state/local geocaching organization. Off hand I would say might be something of the sort along the Apalachian trail... then agin, I could be mistaken
  22. Gee, guys, looks like with all the set up the current GPSR's on the market require, I must say that I am happy I have a 'neearly' obsolete Maggie 310 What I do when I find myself about to do the drunken bee dance, I will take out my PAPER copy of the posted coords and start moving about a few steps at a time until 'the numbers match up' that is , when the display showing my current coords match the posted cache coords. THEN I start looking about. Does me good, especially with UTM format coords.. Worst I have been off yet was 25 feet, and that was due to the cache being it's owner's first cache and he rushed the coords.
  23. MOC...knocs me out of trying to solve, even thjough I doubt I would be able to travel to get the ftf
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