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That's the adopted cachers hand signal based on Jeremy's avitar.

There's tons of discussion about it.

I have trouble finding the origin, but here are some pictures

The avitar was the origin. First everyone copied it in their own avitars, then a topic on the universal cacher sign came up and that was tossed into the mix. Of course it's also means Lesbian. Take that for what it's worth.

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EraSeek Posted on Aug 9 2004, 02:41 PM

  SOoooo.... That means Jeremy is really a lesbian trapped in a man's body. ...I think... 


Well, to a deaf person, I suppose.

It's kind of funny because when I tried searching for the origins of the "official Geocachers sign", to help answer Phil & Cathy's question, the only relevant and meaningful results were from a "lesbian" search. Hand, chin, and sign, all returned too many or not at all.


Still wondering, though, who drives the silver truck with the GEOCSHR plates?

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GEM's and I looked for that at midnight during the hot potato. I really want to explore those nooks and crannys again.

We had just taken a drive from Renton to Enumclaw.

Had sandwiches and a cache in Ravensdale. Followed this truck from Downtown Enumclaw to where we dropped down to So Prarie from Buckley and they continued west on 410.

Just curiuos about the cool plate...not a stalker :ph34r:

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