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Geocoins, Decals, Stencils, Etc...

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I see a lot of custom geocaching related stuff, geocoins, window decals, ammo box stencils and decals, etc... and I'm wondering where you all go to get certain things made.


I'm talking about buying things in bulk. I don't want to know where to go to buy 5 geocoins, I want to know where I can go to get 5,000. Don't tell me about going to Sissy & CR's website (Or Skydiver's, or CyBret's) to buy 10 stickers. Where do Sissy & CR go to get their stuff.


I'm not trying to set up a competing business, or anything. I just would like to be able to design my own stuff and have enough extra to use as cache swag, or just to give out to friends and other geocachers I meet.


So where would I go to get this stuff in bulk. Cafepress and similar sites aren't an option, bucause my intent is not to sell the stuff.

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Why, I go to my CafePress Store, of course!


Er...sorry Brian...just kidding. :blink:


For window decals, which I've made and traded several of, I go to Staples for ink jet window decal stuff. It's not cheap, but it's not terribly expensive either.


For stencils I use what I can find. I made a logo stencil out of the plastic lid of a Folgers coffee can once (back when the cans were still metal). The lid was sort of a semi-transparent milky white, so I could see through it to cut the stencil with an exacto-knife. It's held up to a LOT of spraypaint jobs. I created bigger stencils out of similar material.


Other than that, I've walked the aisles at Hobby Lobby a lot, looking for stuff. I've bought little ziplock baggies in bulk from Uline, and I've bought certain items sold in quantity through ebay sales.



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Hi briansnat,


I produce my own Sig Pins, in bulk.




I'm in the costume jewelry business and have done everything from the earrings and necks to key chains, picture frames, and coins. The costs involved are high for just a few items, but when you spread it out over many it gets quite reasonable. If you have an idea, PM me and I can go further into the details.


Midway Cafe

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The stencils and the TB instruction tags I make myself--I'm the manufacturer.


The 3 posts magnets are actually name badge findings I get from an engraving wholesaler.


The Bison tubes I can get directly Bison Designs because of my retail license.


The stamps are all custom so they don't really fit with what I think you're asking.


With my connections I could probably get a high quality stickers (2 mil 7 year exterior grade vinyl with UV cured ink) for cheaper than GS sells them. I'd have to buy hundreds though. My solution was the stencils, instead.


I also could produce window decals. It's a project I've put on the back burner because of other ones. I've made my own from our stamp graphic and the gc.com logo (with permission and obviously I can't sell them) which are on the back of my truck.


Ammo boxes we also bought in bulk from a local surplus dealer.

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If you'd like custom poker chips made, try right here. They are very high quality chips which he will customize in many ways for you. You can choose a picture for the center, or send him your own. You can choose the wording for the outside edge. You can choose a dollar amount or word for it, etc. etc. And he is very good to work with. I have no relationship with him other than being a very happy customer ----- I had him print up a bunch of poker chips for me and I'm very happy with them.

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