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Night Caches In Puget Sound


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I am about to launch a new "Count Batula" TB that would preferably like to visit Night Caches and those involving Caves and/or dark and foreboding places.


Is there a way to search for caches of that type within a specified area, without having to read everything within an area code, zipcode et cetera?


I want to limit it's travel to the Puget Sound Region, ie the counties of Snohomish, King, Pierce, Mason and Kitsap. Perhaps at a later date, it would be released it to a wider area.


Comments and suggestions would be appreciated!



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Well, I cannot think of what night caches there are around here. I do know of the ones over on your side of the pond. Doesn't Criminal have a few in Gig Harbor?


Anyway, I don't know if this is in your jurisdiction or not ,but last summer I went to a cache North of Whidbey, Antecortes area. I can't remember the name. Now it was a virtual. You had to enter the cave and send the owner what was written on the wall! It was fun, a little scarey! I had to carry Chloe, the Wienerdog. No way was she going in there. I'll have to see if Ican find the name.


Does anyone know which one I mean?


Even though it's a Virtual you could still probably log it in and out again. That is if someone has the bug and visits the place!

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Here's a list of the ones on the Kitsap Peninsula:


Schold Farm - Things that go Bump in the Night GCHX8Q

Rivverrat's Nite Out GCJHA7

Revenge of the Lady in White GCHX77

Cache Tactical Night - Mission One GCB7A8

Cache Tactical Night - Mission Two GCBAE5

Cache Tactical Night - Mission Four GCE758

Howe Farm - Part Deux GCC40F

NAD Night Cache GCC479

A Glint of Night Time Cache GCFD00

Night of the Heron GCJ02J


Hope I didn't forget any. :blink:

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