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76cs Or 60cs

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I have a fixed mount GPSmap 162 on my 22' WalkAround I use offshore. I had been using an eTrex Vista in a Ram Mount for backup (and barometric pressure).


When my 60CS, I also got a Ram Mount that I now use in conjunction with the GPSmap 162.


The long and short is that if you can stand the size, the GPSmap 76CS is a better unit (better basemap, more memory, floats). Even though the 60CS is smaller than the 76CS, I don't think it's quite small enough to carry when I hunt so I kept the Vista.


The Vista's lanyard fits nicely around my neck and into my left shirt pocket when hunting.


I also plan to use the 60CS as the primary in my duck boat which is already rigged with a Ram Mount base and I've already rigged the 4-prong power cable rigged.

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1) It has double the memory of a 60CS. Enough said right there!


2) It IS nearly the same size as the 60.

Garmin spec's

76CS: 6.2"H x 2.7"W x 1.4"D

60CS: 6.1"H x 2.4"W x 1.3"D

.... (yes I know, the 60 has a Rhino antenna and it more rounded in places....)


3) It DOES fit in a shirt or coat pocket.


4) I have taken a 76s or 76CS deer hunting each of the past 3 years. Worked great!


5) It floats, which might be important since you mentioned boats.


6) According to Garmin, it's basemap is 'more detailed' than a 60, see thread below...


Here's another 76 vs. 60 thread...


7) I have tried the 60 series and understand others may prefer it's form, I however, preferred and bought the 76.... YMMV :P


Here's a re-posting comment's I've made earlier...


Most of the things that are said about the 60 are likely true of the 76C(s) as well (only the 76Cs is better ^_^ IMHO)


I really like

  • Color
  • 115Mb for Maps !!!
  • New Operating Interface
  • Autorouting !!!
  • Geocahing mode is nice (but definately not needed!)

ONE thing I don't like (also true of the 60):

  • Text sizes are way too big with too much 'white space' for data fields.
  • Hopefully a firmware update (I've sent in a request) will allow a choice for smaller data field sizes (like on the 76s)

As for Size, the 60 people will claim the 76 is the size of a small river barge. NOT True. In fact the total exterior dimensions are nearly identical. I know, I know, the 76 case is largely rectangular (i.e. it floats) and the 60 case has the rhino style antenna and rounded off bottom, but the point is, the 76 series is NOT huge. It fits in shirt pockets, it fits beautifully in my hands. My wife is rather petitte and she has no complaints using the 76cs. I am only rambling on so, because the 60 crowd would scare off any potential purchasers who've never even seen a 76 series.





If you find you need accessory cables and such: GPS Geek (a.k.a. Gilsson Tech) can't be beat! They also sell a very nice case with clear window for the 76 series!


RAM mounts are great and become relatively inexpensive once you expand to multiple uses (i.e. car, bike, etc) RAM Mounts specific to the 76 series...9301430135J.gif9301430135DA.jpg

I've said if before and here it is again:

"I'll take double the memory of the 60 series in a floating case any day!!!!!"



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I have to agree with Us5Camp here...for what you will be using it for, the 76 line is definitely the way to go.


I went with the 60c onlly b/c I liked it more for what I was doing but Us5Camp has hit the nail on the head with his points.

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I'd like to drop in a good word for the family run business over at: http://rnrplace.com/


They, hands down, have the best cables for the best prices. That's all the family does for a living is sell Garmin cables at unbeatable prices. They're got great communication! They've closed over 5000+ deals on eBay and still maintain a 100% rating.


No, I'm not apart of the family... but I've bought two cables from them and they both work great.

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