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  1. Volwrath...excellent idea! Thanks so much, I'll give it a whirl this weekend. I need to get back out for some sweet caching action and this should help me get back out there!
  2. Hey folks, I have recently changed from using a Dell Axim for caching to using the Motorola MPX220 smartphone. I thought it was a great idea b/c it would be an all-encompassing unit, however when I try to load GPXview it claims it is not compatible with the smartphone software. Obviously I cannot go back to paper-based caching so I haven't been out in a while. Does anyone know if one of the other pda/pocket pc based apps would work or if there is a separate app designed for smartphone? Thanks in advance!
  3. That's pretty funny...I was out at your Freidhof Klein cache a couple weekends ago and half-expected you to come out of the woodwork and honk at me (I looked pretty silly there for a while). I've actually seen it several times as both of my caches are close to the house, I've contemplated honking, contemplated stopping and waiting until they return to their cars to thank them...unfortunately the times I've seen this I have been in a hurry so couldn't do anything other than grin. I've recently picked up a new puppy for my daughter (Basset Hound) and fortunately get to walk him quite a bit...I try to get close to the caches but have yet to see anyone while on foot...if I did though I'd definitely at least say hi. later, Jim
  4. I agree... City Select seems to have the stuff I need incorrect and the stuff I don't need correct... My street and subdvision have been around for about 9 years now...still my street is not listed on the software...it shows my house (waypointed) out in the middle of nowhere. My in-laws street is about 20-25 years old and all the street numbers are incorrect. The sad thing is those are the only 2 addresses I've tried and neither of them are correct...
  5. Crud...I was planning on a camping trip to Amistad/Devil's River later this year...I guess that's out b/c the only defense I pack are a couple Benchmades which would only marginally help. This is pretty good info, too bad Texas has 3 parks on there...guess I'll stick to the Hill Country. Thanks for the heads-up!
  6. Cool...all good now, thanks for the help. I didn't have the file on my win2k machine but do now...followed the command and it worked straight away. Thanks for all the help and the program...I'll try it out some more!
  7. Good stuff....I've used this a couple times and it has been very helpful (easier to plan a day of caching w/ City Select, etc). Just tried to download and install though and I'm getting an error message: Run-time erro'339': Component 'comctl32.ocx' not correctly registered: file is missing or invalid The other version worked just fine so possibly I have erred... Any thoughts? thanks!
  8. I too am hoping to get off my duff and get to one of these events. Snoogans and I live in the same city so it would be a pity not to get to know such fine people that he runs around with. Maybe the next time....when is the next one in Htown Snoogans? Jim
  9. That's dynamite to know! The first batteries I ran with in my 60C were lithiums and they lasted for a friggin' eternity. Looks like it's time to go back to them when I'll be in/around water. Thanks we3dements! Jim
  10. One crazy thing I would like to see is an IR port (I guess bluetooth would work fine as well). One of my buddies and I are always exchanging waypoints for different things...especially when camping, hiking, etc. It would be nice to beam a waypoint/track/route. It can be a chore to manually input 10+ waypoints and forget it with tracks. Aside from that, pretty much everything that RK lists too!
  11. There should be. I beleive Garmin has it set up so that if you buy a lesser version after a newer version is released you are automatically entitled to their new update. That's the way it worked with mine and several others I read about here... Anyone else have any more info?
  12. Holy snikies! I need to get in some of that action. At my present rate it would take 12 years to find 118
  13. Well I'm glad I'm not going crazy here. I actually have the 60C and after flashing to 3.50 I have that problem (whereas I didn't have it or maybe just didn't notice it before). Granted, since the update I've only sought 1 cache but it was really bizarre to see my distance decrease yet have the arrow point the opposite direction. Doesn't sound like a compass problem to me then...sounds like the makings of a firmware issue. I'll be out this weekend hitting a few more (sorry, can't get out until then) but I'll pay close attention to it and report back if the problem hasn't been solved by then. Jim
  14. Hey folks, I got my 60C , city select and topo from www.getagps.com You have to 'add to cart' to get their true price but the 76CS is listed as $438.99. I believe I initially read about them in this forum (which I'm thankful for). All 3 items were placed at different times and the shipping, pricing, etc were all right on. anyway, just thought I'd chime in since they're pretty low. Jim
  15. Just got the email and downloaded. Unfortunately I'm at work and haven't nor will have a chance to play around with it tonight. I'm curious, one update it mentions is being to show maps independently or hide entire maps...makes me wonder if my wish was answered: being able to see both City Select and TOPO maps simultaneously. If anyone gets to play with it please post your thoughts. thanks! Jim
  16. These notebooks are the business! I've been using them for years and have one in both my caches. I normally use the shirt-pocket size 3x5. I also keep 1 in my car and a spare in my geocaching pack to use as a replacement log...
  17. If you want streets, roadmaps, etc your best bet is City Select as that has almost every road out there... I use both TOPO and CS so for roads, etc I'm not sure if TOPO even has roads--well maybe they have major roads--I just never look b/c my gps has a basemap and CS covers the rest... I don't think TOPO does exactly what you want it to do. Maybe someone else can chime in...I've never paid too close detail to what is being sought.
  18. All right, another Texan! You should be able to no problem...just make sure that you copy them to your HD first then install it, that's how I worked it and it's fine. If you install from CD then copy to your HD the directory will always look for your CD. I'm sure there's a techie out there that can help tweak the registry if you've already installed via CD. No map updates as far as I know.
  19. Thanks for the post Rubberhead...just downloaded it!
  20. Seriously? If all you do are quick little trips it probably isn't an issue but what about backpacking, camping, anything extended where you're away from electricity??? It seems like most people, myself included, would rather have the power source a bit more user friendly. Being able to change batteries on the fly is a huge plus...being stuck out in the woods b/c your battery dies is a a bust.
  21. Does that mean they are just pressing more or is something changing from what I have in the CD I received in the mail? I didn't bother to ask...let me look at the email again to see if there is anything more specific...ok, just re-read it and just as I had it before. Simply says it's being remastered... Don't know what to say and I don't feel like pressing the issue. I can only assume that there was something in the original run that they didn't care for (if in fact it is a remaster and not just a backorder)...I wouldn't think that they would add more content/make changes to an already-released product... I'll post more if I hear more.
  22. Got word back from the guy at Garmin who's been helping me with the upgrade...according to him the v6 update is being remastered and says I may have it by Aug 1st. I can deal no problem, just thankful that their customer support group is nice enough to keep consumers updated!
  23. Centex, I just ran through this exercise from a stored waypoint set. I selected all waypoints, right clicked on the top one and selected 'edit waypoints'. It then brought me to a 'bulk waypoint editor' where you can change all waypoints to a certain icon, ie closed treasure chest. hope this helps
  24. I too just went through the 'price is no option' for a gps upgrade and landed on the 60C. I came from the etrex line and it's been dynamite. Now, two other friends who use vistas are following my lead and getting the 60C(S) specifically for geocaching and the autorouting... really great unit! good luck with your deicion!
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