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Where Is Best?


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:D I'm in the Niagara Region In southern Ontario (Canada B) ) And I'm wondering where to place a cache... There are several parks and forests around here, and countless places to hide a cache, So I'm posting here to ask for sujjestions, And even if you are not familiar with the region, you don't have to mention names... Just sugestions (I.E. In a log in a forest... (or) In a tree in a park....) and so on :D
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Before placing a cache, I'd recommend finding about 10 or 15 of different types (some traditional, some multi, some mystery). That will give you a grounding on what kinds of things to think about and look for when placing a cache.


After that, here's the process I have used:


1) Determine the type of cache. I chose multi-caches both times, but that may not be what you're after. Make this decision early and stick with it.


2) Choose the size of container, this will make a difference when you...


3) Recce a few potential cache spots. Consider the size of the container, location of well traversed paths, etc. What is the terrain like - is it safe? How easy can the container be hidden here? How likely is it that a muggle will find the container? Is it likely that people visiting the container will damage the environment? Ask yourself, "How much of a pain in the arse will it be to maintain a cache at this location and am I up to it?" Make sure it's not private property, or that you have the owner's permission to place a cache there.


4) get coordinate for all the potential hiding spots and hit geocaching.com. Do a search for caches near those points. You want to ensure there's no caches within about 200m of your cache site.


5) From the cache sites that pass, pick the one you like the best, and place your cache. Make sure the container is properly marked and contains a geocaching manifesto.


6) register the cache on geocaching.com and await approval. If you've followed steps 3 and 4, approval will almost certainly not be withheld.


That's what I recommend. Good luck with your cache!

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I specifically would even worry about finding any caches before placing one. Areas have a local flavor. You could also call it a local stagnation. Often when you travel you find a different type of hide. One you might of thought of but didn't do because you went out and found the local flavor.


As to where you would like to place one, that is entirely up to you. You know what you like and you know what areas you would like to share with other geocachers. Those are where you should place a cache. If your are into a technical hide, great, there are cachers out that that like those as much as the scenic vistas.


If after you place your cache you learn something that you would like to change on it, then change it.

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I like the ones off the ground..they become all seasonal, to many spend the winter under snow. :D


Be creative..look at what others have done and try something different.


Think about the seasons..will it still be hidden when the leaves are gone? :D


Good luck... Murfster

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I too have considered placing an únderwater' cache, but I might get hate mail LOL from the locals.


Or should I consider that a bonus?


Either way, I always think that you should place a cache with maintenance in mind. Will you want to go and check on it frequently? Remember that you will have to go to it MANY times whereas the seekers only once.


In any waterway, whether it be a river, lake or pond you will have to be SURE IT WON'T MOVE. Tides and currents will drag any dead weight so be sure that you use enough weight to prevent it from moving. Or tie it off to something underwater that cannot move (one of Flick's cars come to mind)


You also have to consider that some Geocachers are above 50 years old, and while this is no disrespect to them, they will feel cheated if they cannot reach a cache due to safety issues. Same goes for kids under 12.


That is not to say you shouldn't place it, just make sure that you make comment about it's location and that you should be able to seek this type of cache.


;) The Blue Quasar

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You also have to consider that some Geocachers are above 50 years old, and while this is no disrespect to them, they will feel cheated if they cannot reach a cache due to safety issues.


Oh BQ... you're just asking for it with this comment! Some of us 50 and over are pretty hardy. Completed my first Terrain 5 just a while back (although the final was scooped up for me mainly 'cause I didn't feel like retrieving it and my fellow cacher did).


I agree though - geocaching for me is - take me to a place that I can Ooooo and Ahhhh over the scenery. It's not about placing an almost inaccessible cache and seeing who is daring enough to go for it. Those just make me angry. They are often in places that I would never want to go back to again.


I love to read the posts that say "I've lived here all my life and didn't know this little gem of a park was here! I'll be back for a second visit very soon."


I hate reading "I wandered through trash and broken glass for 1/2 hr looking for the cache and finally found it. I'm now trying to get rid of the stinging nettles and hawthorns that I picked up on the way. The vet bill was atrocious due to the broken glass."


Wow factor isn't difficulty for me, it's the scenery. Just the humble opinion of a 50+ oldster. ^_^

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Or tie it off to something underwater that cannot move (one of Flick's cars come to mind)


Haha! That's funny - and I've not even seen one of his cars. ^_^


I'm with Annie (and I'm not even *that* old!). The cache should be secondary to the hike and/or adventure of getting there. This is why I'm seldom gutted if I don't find the actual container on the first attempt - which happens more often than I'll admit!


I've only visited one truly disgusting cache and it was in the UK (GCD9C4) so there's little danger to us locals.


As for containers that are challenging to get out, I don't have an issue with these - just as long as the cache rating is accurate. That said, I was disappointed when I didn't get a chance to go for this one GC3CC9.



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Broken Glass? Who would place a cache near broken glass?


Okay okay, I did clean up about 30 lbs of it, filling 3/4 of a rough neck.


A work in progress


:unsure: The Blue Quasar


(honest I didn't see it when I was placing the cache - well I saw a little bit, but after the comments I went back and it WAS bad, now it's a lot better)

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