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average coordinates


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Originally posted by BrianSnat:

.... Garmin doesn't, so any averaging with a Garmin has to be done manually.


The value of waypoint averaging is debatable however.


Unfortuneately they do have some auto averaging (recent) software versions. Still waiting for an answer WHY!


But yes waypoint averaging, now that's very debatable icon_smile.gif


Cheers, Kerry.


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The downside to automatic averaging is that it is slower than I walk. Until I found this out I kept walking past the cache.

If you have a unit with automatic averaging, stop a few times as you get closer to let it catch up with you.




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I use the automatic averaging when I set a cache. You have to make sure that you put down the GPS and do not stand to cloase as this can effect satellite coverage. When I am caching I have learned to circle the cache and slowly make my circles smaller. This seems to work very well with my SporTrak Pro.

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Averaging a position can help, but if done for short periods of time, such as just an hour or so, it can sometimes result in larger errors than what you would have got without it. You also can't say whether an averaged position will for sure be more accurate than any individual waypoint you save. If you run a google search of the sci.geo.nav newsgroup, you'll find lots of discussions on averaging since the removal of SA, and of how long you need to average to be worthwhile.


Most of the more modern GPS units by Garmin or Magellan average position, some even if you don't want them to. With the ones that don't average, such as the eTrex, there are several ways in which you can manually average a position with them. An easy way to do it instantly, is with a pocket PC. To post process the data, you can set the track recording function on many of the eTrex models to save trackpoints at set intervals as low as 1 second. It's then quite easy to average this data out, or perform other correction functions on it back on your PC.

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Sorry, I should have been more specific and said Garmin's popular ETrex line doesn't waypoint average. But I stand by my point that the value of the feature is questionable.


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