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What Do You Want To Find In A Cache

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One thing I have yet to see in a cache log is Took piece of crap left something really good.  All I ever read is took something really good left piece of crap.  This is my point.  Everyone complains about crap in caches, as menial as this sounds I guess I am trying to start something  by this thread.  Leave great take good.  Leave good take crap.  I and many others who I have read your threads don't want to take crap and leave good.  It is a never ending cycle.  I started myself in my first two finds.  Only I took nothing and left crap.  Crap stinks literally and figurality speaking.



Quite frankly, I too am sick of finding someone elses garbage in a cache box.


It's almost as if many Geocachers go through their pockets to find whatever they can to trade. If they're going caching, they should have the foresight to take something of value with them.


At a minimum, they could throw in a two pack of AA batteries instead of some crappy trinket from a happy meal.


It's not even that I'm in it for the trading. I too like finding the cache, but I'm tired of "trache" in the cache!


And it's not a matter of money either. If a cacher can afford the GPS and the other caching supplies, it's not too much to ask that they make an effort on what they put into a cache.



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I try to leave a cache in better condition. I recently went and bought several matchbox cars yoyo's and mini squirt guns. for the children. and am looking for some compasses for the adults. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to do this. Dollar stores are a great place to find some nice items. As far as me finding anything . I would like to see anything as long as it isn't junk. :bad:

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what do i like to find...

music cd's (cheap to make if your ethically challenged)

free stuff coupons that arent expired

dry log books and writing utensils that work

hotwheels cars (not the fakes, genuine hotwheels)

cool marbles


sealed first aid type stuff, could have used one today when my walking stick broke and i almost did a face plant on rocks!


of course, what do i detest and may throw out without anyones consent..

golf balls

dirty tennis balls

rock i found next to cache

expired coupons


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it is all in the attitude - our favorite treasure is a small plastic skunk (I think it is Flower from the Bambi movie) with no arms. We all has such a good laugh about why someone would leave this broken toy. We made up stories as to how she lost her arms? did she lose her scent as well? will she get prothsesis arms?

So instead of complaining about junk - make the best of it!

we like: local interest items,touristy stuff,jokes,foreign coins

don'tlike: golf balls, McDonald's toys, personal items such as combs,lipgloss,hair ties,etc.

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I leave better than I take, and also leave more than I take. I like to take something from every cache I visit, not including the trash often found inside a cache. I also try to leave something for both kids and adults in every cache I visit. I have some signature items, but also tend to carry toys and coins and tools and $ store stuff.



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I really enjoy Geocoins. I have found a couple, and taken them...I try to leave something worth while...I wll take TB's also. And Also Polished Rocks are unique. I like to show them to my Non-Geocacihing Friends.

I love this hobby, and feel that the people that have been at it a while may be "burned out". I agree, the hunt is the prize. Finding something that is particularly challenging is rewarding, but a trinket to take is a prize as well.


My Daughter (16) has been on a few Cache's...Due to her schedule, she doesn't have the time...but loves the "Trinkets' that I bring home and show her!. It is perspective. I once found a Solid State TV (LCD). I mean...it worked and everything...Almost felt guilty taking it...but I did. Left a TB and some other trinkets...I didn't see any log entry regarding who left it...or I would have tried to reward in kind.


Just my $.02


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