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  1. i'd hide them next to a bench in a park if thats what looks like a good hidy spot. whats the big deal? i think we're a little overboard with all this worrying about this and that nonsense. your running around with a gps in your hand looking like a nerded out hound dog on a scent trail and often times have no clue how funny you look starring at your little screen. you still feel like worrying someone might think your some kind of perve looking for kids in the park? yeah... suuuure.... cache on! urbo
  2. for simplicity's sake.. anyway to place the cache on the easement adjacent to wally world? this way its next to the wal-mart but still on public property. i think trying to get permission to place on the property of a big store is a bad idea. even if the store manager says yes, you still have hundreds of employees that have no clue whats going on. they dont all get 100% of store policy so how can you expect them to get notified about something trivial and not revenue generating? sounds like many calls to the rent a cop waiting to happen. if your gonna shoot for a big store, hows about a sporting goods store? at least there the employees will be more inclined to accept the answer of "we're playing a sport/game" as an acceptable answer from people digging around the outside of the building. you may be able to even get the manager to pitch in some trinkets since it will generate traffic to the store. my 0.02 urbo
  3. the beach caches... i listed them all and got an email regarding how close they were and they approved a few pending movement of the others. we went back and forth due to the fact the hiding places were good and you cant understand proximity if you dont know how people normally get around. the cache at the police station was actually in a small memorial park. theres a benchmark there, same place. should we remove it to keep geocachers from hanging around? anyhows. he archived them all. poof gone. we went back and some were missing.may have been muggled but them any cache can get muggled. thats not here nor there. urbo
  4. Once again, have you emailed the approver that denied your cache submission? Let him know about the nearest cache, about how you don't need a "shovel, trowel or pointy object" to uncover the cache. I have heard about other caches being "buried" under sand at the beach. I see yours as being no different. However, if it is placed on this "easement" you refer to, that would be considered private property. The electrical box (transformer) in front of my house is on an easement. That means the power company has permission to service the box and I can't say they are trespassing. However, if you came over and started messing with it I could have you arrested. yep, did that (advised approver of these points). no avail. the cache on the easement, not mine but didnt see the problem with it. if this is a legit no no then there are quite a few caches that our approver is overlooking.
  5. further clarification on some of the topics i brought up.. from geocaching website regarding distance between caches.. "The approvers use a rule of thumb that caches placed within .10 miles (528 feet or 161 meters) of another cache may not be listed on the site. This is an arbitrary distance and is just a guideline, but the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of caches hidden in a particular area and to reduce confusion that might otherwise result when one cache is found while looking for another. " with this in mind, is it unreasonable to ask that caches several blocks from each other in an area where there where no caches at the time and most getting around is on foot? the long side of ONE city block is easily over 500 feet. next item.. buried caches.. quote from geocaching website.. "Caches that are buried. If a shovel, trowel or other “pointy” object is used to dig, whether in order to hide or to find the cache, then it is not appropriate." cache a couple of inches under sand that could be uncovered by sweeping with hands or feet is unreasonable? so where am i going wrong here and being a harda**? you guys may have great approvers but i differ here. urbo
  6. read closely on the burried caches guys.. you guys are hammering me and not reading the "no tools to dig" part.
  7. Yeah, I want to know where this desolate beach area was down on South Beach. I want to buy it and build a resort. This is a picture from our balcony on South Beach. I saw no desolate beach area for miles in either direction, only hotels, resorts and condos. I honestly don't remember private beach homes there. That is probably because the beach itself at South Beach is nasty and no one would want to have a home there. (FYI, South Beach is all hype. Stay in Ft. Lauderdale. The beach is MUCH cleaner.) south beach around south point was considered as was hobie near rickenbacker. the area around south pointe can get desolate during week days early in the morn.
  8. I'm a little confused but I'll focus my confusion on one small point and expand from there. When did an easement cease to be private property? I've seen this before and it confuses me. Last I knew an easement was still pivate property and not open to the general public. Did I miss something important when I decided not to become a lawyer and take all those classes? Property easement is a right to use some part of a property for a specific purpose. An express easement may be contained in the deed to the property or in another document. Some examples include: A utility company can run power lines on a property Adjacent property owners may enter into an agreement to share a common driveway that extends over both properties. An implied easement or prescriptive easement may arise when a use of property continues for a certain period of time. For example, if a neighbor has been crossing the corner of a property for years, the neighbor may have acquired a prescriptive easement to continue to cross the property in the same manner. A right-of-way is a type of easement that gives someone the right to travel across property owned by another person. ******the above was taken from a website dealing with easements***** i'll clear up what i meant.. the cache that got archived was in a tree on the side of the road between the street and the sidewalk, not between sidewalk and house which would be private property. its were any schmo can park his car. urbo
  9. the micros were met with resistance from day one and some didnt even get listed on the site. it was a battle from the time i uploaded them. the beach cache was going to be treasure hunt style. find the cache with the map. the map led you to the stash to cut down on "wandering holes". that got shot down as well. that one never made it to the site. urbo
  10. anybody else experiencing overzealous cache disapprovers? it almost seems like you need a permit to hide a cache down here. i tried to do a bunch of micros down here in south beach in miami. to those uninitiated, on south beach you walk most places. when your lucky enough to find a spot you grab it and the car stays put. you walk everywhere. my caches were "too close and should be a multi". aprox 3 blocks between caches on foot is too close?? one cache gets plundered and whole multi becomes worthless. i wanted to do a really cool treasure hunt type cache. it would be buried on a desolate beach. disapproved.. its buried. well it didnt require tools, just kicking sand with your feet. disapproved, need permission. from who? the public beach god? close buddy and fellow cacher places cache in tree in residential area but on easement (not private property). disapproved.. cache approver "thinks" its in someones yard so he archives it. geez, what the hey? talk about a killjoy. am i the only one experiencing these blues?
  11. hello, my name is urbo and i cant find geocaches.. (crowd says HI URBO!) i log DNF's. whatever.. this is a game. its fun. ego schmeego...
  12. what do i like to find... music cd's (cheap to make if your ethically challenged) free stuff coupons that arent expired dry log books and writing utensils that work hotwheels cars (not the fakes, genuine hotwheels) cool marbles biners sealed first aid type stuff, could have used one today when my walking stick broke and i almost did a face plant on rocks! of course, what do i detest and may throw out without anyones consent.. golf balls dirty tennis balls rock i found next to cache expired coupons food/candy
  13. old campers dirty trick.. dont eat bananas. whats the dirty trick? if you eat a banana your skin will exude a scent that attracts mosquitos. wanna make your buddies life miserable before the hike, give em' a banana! as far as skin lotions and sprays.. i use deep woods off. it works great but deet isnt good for you and it does eat plastics. get "off" (not like that you perves) on your hands and touch your gps, now you have some nasty marks on your gps. touch the clear plastic window and it ends up hazed.
  14. seen the rocks and the stumps. already gonna have a bit into the contents so i'm trying to go for something a little cheaper. i'm not too good at making things so i'd probably end up with something that resembles a giant elephant doo! sorry, no local elephant hangouts to hide my doo pile. BTW.. haha.. we already have a missing ballot box cache here. come on, didnt think we'd pass that up did ya?
  15. i just chuck the candy, chapstick and anything else not compatible with south florida heat that would make the cache nasty. if someone gets their feeling hurts.. oh well... they need 3cc's of common sense via large injection! urbo
  16. hey all. i'm looking for suggestions on how to hide a large container. i want to place a treasure style cache in which the geocache is to a map and then you use the map to find the "buried treasure". problem is you cant burry things (according to geocaching rules), even on a beach. this irks the heck out of me since the sand at the beach is constantly churned by people burrying themselves, their feet, etc but what can i do. i need to hide a container thats about the size of a toaster oven and it will be filled with goodies. placing under brush or something is sure to bring about its short demise. living in miami florida doesnt help. we dont have the luxury of abundant woodlands and condos dont make good hiding places. hints? ideas? urbo miami fl
  17. i post whats in the cache because i usually do themed caches and dont want someone doing a "take a cd, leave a golfball" manuver. i sometimes put out premium items also so listing them on there creates a flurry! its fun!
  18. urbo


    i was the cause of a missing cache but only for a few days. got my butt stumped by a cache that required a math whiz. 3 visits of over an hour each and finally lifeline calls to find the blasted thing. by that time we had quite a few folks wondering what we were doing. we found it. pulled it out when coast was clear but that didnt last long. had to take it home and come back another day when people had gone home. i posted a log of what was going on though. urbo miami fl
  19. i would bait the guy with a webcam cache. do you have that ability anywhere near you? urbo miami fl
  20. your gps unit has gotten stuck in anti-flatulence mode. it will continously point upwind until you reset it. best way to reset it is leave the batteries out for 72 hours. urbo
  21. your gps unit has gotten stuck in anti-flatulence mode. it will continously point upwind until you reset it. best way to reset it is leave the batteries out for 72 hours. urbo
  22. ozkar... i wouldnt worry about the red meat too much but i would be careful with the methane thats trapped in the steaks. consuming too much red meat could cause a vast release of methane which has been known to tarnish the battery contacts on gps units and also void the warranty on hanes brand underwear. beware of methane.. its foul stuff if you get confronted by methane just stay upwind and you'll be safe. urbo
  23. ozkar... i wouldnt worry about the red meat too much but i would be careful with the methane thats trapped in the steaks. consuming too much red meat could cause a vast release of methane which has been known to tarnish the battery contacts on gps units and also void the warranty on hanes brand underwear. beware of methane.. its foul stuff if you get confronted by methane just stay upwind and you'll be safe. urbo
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