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A Random Thought...

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Has anyone ever approached SC Johnson & Son (the makers of Ziploc), or Rubbermaid about sponsoring some Geocaching events or clubs? Given that they seem to be significant beneficiaries of this hobby, there might be some interest.


Garmin or Magellan would be obvious choices too.

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I've never thought of it, I wonder if TPTB might be concerned about "Corporate Sponsorship" or aligning themselves with a single distributor.


Honestly, I have never really taken the time to figure out the Geocaching.com's agenda on stuff like that.


I've used a variety of containers for my hides and I doubt I would be influenced if one brand or another was "The official container of Geocaching"


But, if they had a sale.... that would a different story.


I think the Geocaching web site has many containers for sale though.


B) The Blue Quasar

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Yeah, I agree BQ.. was just a thought though. It does seem that a relatively small number of companies do get some benefit from all of us participating in this hobby.


On the other hand, beyond discount prices, I'm not sure how they could help.


I wonder how aware they even are.

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It's a good idea...certainly doesn't hurt to ask...maybe for the next event or picnic here in Ontario, Rubbermaid or whatever company will volunteer to donate 100-200 containers...how much could it cost them? And it would be greta advertising. Certainly doesn't hurt to ask. Didn't we get some corporate donors (ie Garmin) at the GAGAFAP II picnic last year?

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This is a superb idea. I'll add this to my list of things to do for GAGAFAP III, for which, by the way, planning is underway. The more sponsors the better I say!

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If you think of all of the products that we purchase as a result of Geocaching the list is a long one. I'm sure that from that list there are many of the suppliers that would donate product to encourage us to buy more.


Here's the list that I can think of off the top of my head.


GPSr's and accesories (obvious)

Hiking boots

Hiking Clothing (socks, dry-wick shirts, hats, vests etc)

Walking sticks

backpacks, hippacks, slingpacks

batteries (rechargeable and disposable)


water bottles and hydration packs

compasses (standard and electronic)

Cache containers

Insect repellent


cameras (film and digital)

film for cameras or memory for digitals

FRS radios

Utility knives (never know when you will need one)

First Aid kits

Inverters (for those who like to bring along the laptop in the car)


software (streets and trips etc)


If you break this list down into all of the possible manufacturers you can have a heyday arranging giveaway prizing.


Just my .02 worth


Happy Caching!



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After reading all the feedback.....


Looks like it could be a great thing. Lots of great input from everyone.


TT could be selling Geo-Packs in no time.


The hider pack, the seeker pack, the multi pack, the geo-kids pack.


TT better run with this before someone scoops the idea (like we all hadn't dreamed of writing "Geocaching for Dummies", or ""An Idiot's Guide to Geocaching"


:lol: BQ (tongue touching inner cheek but not quite pushing it out yet)

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