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Torn Between Two Gpsr

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I have a Rino 120 and a Lengend. Both of which have features that I like, yet I need to sacrifice one of them in order to get a 60c (no, you can't talk me out of this :lol: )


I'm looking for opinions on which you would sacrifice for a 60c. At the moment, I can't keep both and get a 60c, so which would you sell if you were in my shoes?


I like the Legend for its size and robust features (I have found it to be just as accurate as the 120 - if not more so).


I like the 120 for the greater amount of options that it offers.


I'm at a deadlock here, yet I must make a decision. If you had to choose between the two, which would you choose?

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what paul said i have 3 right now a garmin yellow, a legend, and a 60 cs. i still like the legend it was my first gps and still does the job. i have three because there are 3 of us that cache and we would fight over who held the gps. now we don't have that problem.

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I disagree. Keep the Rino for the Radio and position reporting. The Legend and the 60cs have virtually the same features, but the Rino has something different.

Wow, you all are quick with the replies :lol:. I agree w/Centexdodger here in that the Rino has features the Legend & 60c don't have. Although the other arguments are good also.


Any other opinions out there?



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I chose the Rino over the Legend and I'm very happy I did. I bought a pair for me and Mrs. Okie last month for $400. She loves hers and she gave her Vista to our son to use. The Rino is basically a Legend with a radio. I think it's worth the extra $40 or so to have the FRS and the GPS together since I would already be taking a FRS radio with me 75% of the time.



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Sell them all and buy a Magellan :bad:

Ok, then sell the Legend and keep the Rhino if you insist on the Garmins.

Nice try Warriorrider :lol:


I think I pretty much decided on keeping the Rino over the Legend. At first, this was a difficult decision because they are both good receivers (I can get 6 sat locks from inside my apartment!) Yet, your comments have helped with a difficult choice. I do appreciate it :o

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Yeah Get the Meridian Flattenum, It has poorer quality Tracklogging, Trip Computer Info, Screen Resolution, and you cant do a Screen Capture, and the thing is a little sluggish. It was my best cache seeking device, till i sold it though.


The 60C is a good Choice, and the Rino 120, is the one to keep because it's antenna is more sensitive than the Etrex under trees. The Rino also can show your position, so you can Voice your approx position to another non-GPS FRS radio user.

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I sold an eTrex Mariner (the exact same thing as a Venture except it was white) about 2 years ago when I upgraded to a Legend.


Now that my kids are getting into caching, I just purchased a Mariner on eBay.


The moral of my story is don't sell either until you get your GPSmap 60C(S) and then hang on to the for a while.


For the most part, I've regretted every gun and gps that I've ever sold.

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I can really identify with your statement about regretting each gun you have ever sold. There are a few things in life which you always regret selling. In my experience it has been guns, musical instruments and now I will have to add GPSr to my list. I still get upset of selling my old 67, short bed, step side, three on the tree chevy pickup with a wood box and that was 20 years ago. I was going to sell my Legend to help fund a new GPSr but have decided against it on the strength of your post ( and the memory of the 67). I will still by the new GPSr but keep my Legend. Thanks for the excellent thread WXBOSS

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