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Program See Witch Caches More People Have Done.

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Hello fellow geocachers


We are geocaching wit four people from our scouting group. De problem we have is that we go in de field in as a team but with different members. We always log individual. The members of this group have done different caches. Now we want to make a list in witch we can see witch cache we have done. So we can see when two ore more persons are going geocaching witch caches these persons haven’t don jet. Of cause it is possible to do that with excel. But perhaps there are some people ho have the same problem en have already made a program. To use the information from gc.com wood be nice. We could load some .loc ore .gpx files in a program and use some query. Are there people out there who could help us with that?


Jurgen & Co

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I know of several geocachers that started out as a group and then decided to start their own separate account. this was done for the same reasons that you have stated. You can still get credit for the caches that you found under the group account by posting a find on the cache page with your new account name. In your comments, simply note that you previously found the cache under the group account and that you are starting your own account. I realize that this may take some time, but it does sort things out nicely for future caches. I apologize if my translation is not accurate but I do not speak Dutch.


Ik ken van verscheidene geocachers die als groep begonnen en toen

beslisten hun eigen afzonderlijke rekening te beginnen. dit werd gedaan om de zelfde redenen die u hebt verklaard. U kunt krediet voor de geheime voorgeheugens nog worden die u in het

kader van de groepsrekening door een vondst op de geheim

voorgeheugenpagina met uw nieuwe naam van de rekening te posten vond. In uw commentaren, merk eenvoudig op dat u eerder het geheime voorgeheugen in het kader

van de groepsrekening vond en dat u uw eigen rekening begint. Ik realiseer dat dit wat tijd kan vergen, maar het sorteert keurig dingen uit voor toekomstige geheime

voorgeheugens. Ik verontschuldig me als mijn vertaling niet nauwkeurig is maar ik

spreek het geen Nederlands.

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We have always logged seperatly. So not the logging is the problem but we want to compare witch caches we have done already. Because the team members work in different constelations we dont have a overview anymore. So we have to make printouts en then argu. We like to have a simpel program to compare the caches we have done.


Jurgen & Co

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I just wrote a simple java progam that will let you select a GPX file, and then it will produce an HTML file that shows all the caches and all the finders in a (possibly very big) table format.


Here is link that shows a Sample Output (my hides).


You can download the Java classes here.


This was compiled with Java 1.5, but may run with earlier versions (though I have not tested that yet).


The command to run it is: java.exe GPX


I could convert it to an applet, but I don't have any way to host an applet at the moment (and I don't think it would let you select a file that way anyway). Also, if I get a chance I'll enhance it to let you select which caches and which finders you care about, instead of just using all of them in the GPX file.


Hope it helps you...



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Ok, I converted the code to an applet, and hosted it on on my AOL page. I think this will do exactly what you want. Try it and let me know. :o


Geocache vs Finder Matrix Applet


It's pretty easy to use:

  • Click on the Submit GPX File button, and copy/paste your GPX file
  • Select the finders you care about
  • Click the Generate Matrix button

One problem -- GPX files (as far as I can tell) do not contain all of the logs, so this will only work for the logs they do contain. That's probably most recent ones, I'm not sure. Anyone know?

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