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One For The Number Crunchers(statisticians)

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Hi All, I suppose with the demise of spotting VR boxes :P , and the new car numbering system, which is making it progressively more difficult as time goes on, it may be a bit of fun/interest for some folk travelling about the country…or stuck in a traffic jam, more like.


.....If you were keen enough, I suppose you could try it using the last three letters and working down through the alphabet.. e.g. **51AAA, **02AAB, **04AAC..etc,etc,..this would run to thousands of course :lol: !


.....or spotting ones from each DVLA Local Office Identifier sequentially or not, i.e. (AA)51***(Peterborough, Anglia), (LA)02***(Wimbledon, London)


Just a thought anyway, and of the many permutations possible!.. see the list of each DVLA Local Office Identifier, if your interested, at.




Cheers, DD

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I have never done the consecutive number thing but I do have an eye out for interesting 3-letter combinations on regplates.


Even more interesting if they relate some way to the place I spot them in.


For example seeing ELY in Ely....which I have yet to actually experience.


I have seen MCL several times, which if course is always relevant!


The best I ever saw was the original number plate issued, which was A1. I was actually on the A1 near Harrogate at the time. And no it wasn't on an old car. Presumably the very rich owner ofthe plate puts it on whatever vehicle he currently owns. It was on a green Range Rover in about 1988.

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MCL, there's another possibility!...there are loads of AYR's in Ayr up here. Am sure there must be L3EDS, in Leeds, or an ELG1N in Elgin etc etc!....I suppose you could also log it much as VR boxes, so long as had your gps handy and hit the GOTO or Waypoint button while in the general area.....or somat like that, haven't really thought about it....hmmm??


I cant believe I'm stuck still looking for a measly '5' tho B) , as this started out as just as a bit of fun !

Think Spiora is up to 14 with Murrin a 17 already, Hi!


Then of course you could always then look for 'Eddies' :mad: ..... these are the green, gold and red 'Eddie Stobbart' HGV's which have an individual girls/womans name's discreetly painted on, just under the windscreen. Apparently there are 30, 000 members. see http://www.eddiestobart.co.uk/Fanclub/


Cheers, DD B)

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Spioradsaor/ Murrin.........Why can I not find a '5'....????? Well done anyway!


Am still looking, and tho I've seem to have seen plenty in the past..where have they suddenly all gone?


Anybody in Ayrshire, with a personal plate with a '5' willing to oblige....??


Cheers & Gd Hunting!, :mad: DD

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Coming from the States, where personalised number plates are common, it's good to see some use for the more rigidly controlled British system.


Though CNPS is going to have to work hard to match the moment I saw a VW Rabbit (American name for the Polo) with the license HRUDUDU. (Think Watership Down)

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Ah! yes a fine example of Adams vocabulary or rabbit speak! 'HRUDUDUIL'... I think?,... being the noun, specific.

Thanks for that one, :mad: ER!

Regards DD

Hrududil is the plural. The plate was on one car, so the singular, hrududu, was correct...


I saw another one that said HRAKA, but that's not nearly as subtle.

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