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  1. Le Tour Charvet - same as Rapture hidden 4/10/2002 also might have found the first ever cache planted - Chouain 1944 - 1945 based on the date hidden!!
  2. i'd go for the pencil - have you ever tried to sharpen a pen on the side of a rock?
  3. www.cgs.co.uk - ha-ha!! for a minute I thought you were being serious! bexybear - glad to see you've edited out your nasty little remark.
  4. Why not use a 35mm or APS camera film pot with an inch of sand in the bottom? They make superb portable ashtrays - something i learnt on a recent trip to Australia where its a common use.
  5. agreed ... there are some incredible logs in there - picked up by the army in helicopters for sniffing around George Bush's ranch - giving people flying and diving lessons! Snoogans if you are reading this and it's all true then you are one of the most generous people i have ever heard of and i salute you!! apologies for ever doubting it! please, please, please come to England and spread your wealth!
  6. while searcing for caches to find on a holiday coming up soon i came across this one - freissinieres - planted 8/17/2001 and STILL not found! are there any older unfound caches out there?
  7. London Heathrow security wanted to know what it was and made me switch it on, apart from that no-one else was interested which really suprised when travelling around the US. Onboard some airlines allow there use, some don't, can't remember which ones though!! Do a search for airline or airplane it should get you some threads relating to GPS usage in flight.
  8. If you're trying to find them on gc.com then they'll only show up if they have logged a find against a cache. search against my username - kasio - and you'll get nothing! but if you search on the forums it'll re-direct you back to gc.com profile
  9. garmin emap locked onto 6 satellites with a mid level strength and about 130ft accuracy but as soon as i moved more than 1ft from the window it lost the signal.
  10. ooops ... slap legs for me then, i didn't know it was against the rules on some carriers ... got some nice stats - max speed 605.5mph elevation 39 552ft a bit strange though when the inflight map is saying 570mph and 36 000ft ?? i assumed the inflight map used gps itself and would have been more accurate?
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