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What To Put In The Cache

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I am new. I have been told all about this and have found a few sights I want to go try and find. My question is what do I put in the cache. I was thinking about stuff from the dollar store, but I wasn't sure. I read one cache that the owner went off on people putting toys in. What is acceptable practice?




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You can actually find some nice things to put in caches at a dollar store.


Try going down the camping aisle at your local Target and see what's there for under $5. Carabiners, mini flashlights, etc. are always nice. Packs of 2 or 4 AA batteries are always good as are decks of cards, especially souvinier ones.


Toys that kids would like to find are good, but don't go rummaging around for old Happy Meal toys (otherwise known as McToys) as those are what are generally frowned upon in caches, especially is they are already opened and played with.

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Dollar stores are a perfect place to get stuff, just try not to get anything that could be easily broken if the cache gets knocked around. (Ie, Candles in holders, coffee mugs, etc.) and it's probably not a good idea to get anything that smells like something edible


General rule of thumb... would YOU want to find it in a cache? If not, don't leave it for the next person.

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all great suggestions.


And now for a few of my own....something that I tend to leave are preserved 4 leaf clovers that I have found. (call it my current signature item..)


hair do-dads for little girls, stickers, matchbox cars, and the camping stuff...wonderful. Almost always, the stuff I leave is brand new. If I leave a toy that I've had to open (In order to get it to fit in the container, I mention that in the log.)


Themed caches a re graet...I have left bandanas and dishtowels if it fits the theme. I also leave a lot of rolls of PVC tape (handy, colorful, and quite possibly, useful while you are out there.)

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Here is a partial list of things I've left in caches. Many are under a buck and most are under $3:


Small US flags

US flag pins

modeling clay


Energizer squeeze lights


bags of toy soldiers

Swiss Army knives (now banned :) )

water colors

mini screwdriver sets

allen wrench sets

gel pens

boxes of crayons or colored chalk

emergency rain ponchos

packs of AA batteries

collectable coins (buffalo nickels, indian head pennies, SBA or Sacagawea dollars)

music CD's

blank RW CD's

cassettes (blank and recorded)


clip on safety strobes

bungee cords

LED key lights

"euro" stickers & other decals

mini sewing kits

maps (hiking & road)


travel packs of Wet Ones or Baby Wipes

Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars

key rings

bags of balloons

velcro fasteners

interesting buttons


foreign money

rolls of film



Leatherman type multi tools (now banned :) )

movies on VHS & DVD

office supplies (packs of paper clips, thumb tacks, Post-Its, etc...)

Mylar emergency blankets

decks of cards

new wallets

individual packs of Armor-All & Rain-X wipes

survival whistles

Wheresgeorge bills and stamps

Geocaching.com hats, pins, patches and compasses

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We hit the dollar store before our recent trip to West Virginia to pick up some new swag. We purchased some dog toys, cat toys, cards with dice, socks, light up key chains, he-man figure, dominoes, glow in the dark dinosaurs (place entire unopened pack), flashlights and sunglasses. We also leave signature items. We attempt to leave items that can be fun, useful or something that child would like.

happy hunting

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