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Meridian Basemap Questions...

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I have a MeriPlat. It has the standard US basemap.


I want to make a map of just Arizona using Mapsend Topo, then erase the basemap in the MeriPlat, then reload it, but tell it that my Arizona map is the factory basemap.


Will it work? Will it fry my GPS? Has anyone done or tried this? I have instructions on how to 'reload' the basemap from a SD card, and just figured I could use those instructions and lie to the GPS. I'm just afraid of causing problems with it...

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I'm doubtful this is possible, too. I think basemaps and detail maps have some fundamental differences (else how could you have both of them active at the same time?


But perhaps we're wrong...I don't know enough about it to say it's impossible. If you back up your basemap and try to restore your basemap with a detail map of a size no larger than the basemap, maybe it will fly. I wouldn't be surprised if you got locked out in a bootup sequence saying the basemap couldn't be found.


There's information of working with basemaps at the Meridian FAQs.


I'll admit it's thinking outside the box. But I'd say buy the card, too...it's a very useful hunk of hardware.

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I have to agree with the other folks. There's really no reason to do this. The big advantage of the Meridian is the SD cards. With an (or more) SD card, you pretty much have unlimited memory.


A 128 meg card can be had fairly cheaply and will give you 8x as much memory as you are hoping to squeeze out of your Meridian.


And if 128 meg cards are outside your budget, 16 and 32 meg cards are all but free on eBay.



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As others have already stated, you REALY need to load your detail maps onto a SD card. Yes you can bring bad mojo into your GPSr when you start tinkering with rewriting the base maps. I have heard horror stories from people trying to do a simple replacement of the North America base map with a European base map, and losing everything.


I also suggest going here and joining the yahoo user group for the meridians. It is quick and free, then go to the “files section” and download MeridianFAQv2_0.pdf Magellan Meridian FAQ, version 2.0. There is great info in this file that is not covered in the user guide.

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Just to report what I did.


I almost screwed it up bigtime. Let me tell you, DON'T TRY IT.


Luckily, I have the ability to figure out how to fix broken things, and had the foresight to back up my basemap. For a little while, I thought I was going to have to send it in to Magellan. The FAQs don't cover what I did to my MeriPlat.


Happy to say, it's all back to normal now.


I still would want to do this. Why on earth would I want a major highways only map of 49 states I almost never visit, when I could have a detailed map of almost the entire state I live in? It's not like I'm going to drive cross-country based on my crappy basemap! It's 16mb of wasted space that I'd like to use for something else.


IMHO, the basemap is at least 95% useless.


I guess it time to break out with the hex-editor and see if I can make it work anyway (since I now know how to un-ruin it).


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You dont listen at all. You appear to just want to make the statement of what you are going ot do...


Seriously. Sit back and think about it...


I have the highly detailed DirectRoute maps for all of KY, IN, TN on a 128 MB SD Card.

I have the highly detailed TOPT maps for the same states on another 128MB SD Card.

I have a 3rd SD Card with the Streets and Destinations for the same states.


It takes only a moment to switch these cards for whatever application I need. Why the h#$% would you want to mess with the basemap when you don't need to.


Get the 32 MB card for $20-25, leave the base map alone, and be happy that way. Why break something when the solution, ENGINEERED INTO THE DESIGN is soo much simpler.

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I know what you're saying, I know what everyone is saying. I have an SD card, I use it.


I just hate wasted memory. The factory basemap = 16MB of wated memory in my mind.


Why not have the detailed AZ maps as the basemap, then use the SD card for other things? More maps?


Bottom line is that if I could get it to work, I would save 16mb of SD card space.


Just because you don't like the idea doesn't mean it's a bad one.

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Why is this board so combative?


All I wanted to know is if anyone had done it, or knew if it was possible. The basic answer was "no".


I tried it, I posted the results, then, some jerks post smart-a** comments about it.


If you don't have anything constructive to say about the topic, shove off. We don't need your snyde comments here. :D

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If I remember correctly all of the 16 megs isn't used for the base map. Do you remember the Magellan green it only had 4 megs if memory serves me.

the extra memory is was planned for future upgrades Keep playing with it and chances are you'll be sending it back to Magellan.

Then we will probably see a post from you bad mouthing Magellan, because they charged you to repair the unit.

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Your post was so close to not having some smart-a snyde comment, until the last sentence.


The MeriGreen has 2mb base memory. The Platinum has 16mb base memory. This base memory is where the maps are stored. I think the firmware may be in seperate memory.


I know that there is a chance I'll do something that will cause me to send it in to Magellan, but your last comment is completely inappropriate and asinine. Why would I blame Magellan for something I clearly did myself. Do you suggest that it is something I would do because it is clearly something you have already done?


Stick to the topic, or don't post.

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Deckyon, your first post was mostly on topic, but mixed with personal attacks. tutzismydog's post was not on topic in any way shape or form, and was strictly a personal attack. EagleI's post was 1/2 on topic, with a snyde remark. Vagabonds was 3/4 on topic with a personal attack.


I love the on topic, but if you're going to do the personal attack/snyde remark bit, don't bother. I'd rather not even hear the legitimate part of your post.


Closing the topic is a good idea, since it has degraded into drawing the people who can only feel better about themselves by attacking others.

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