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  1. Cabela's Canada will be selling them soon as well.
  2. City Nav gets unlocked to one unit - buy a second unit - buy a second City Nav. Make sure lock on roads is enabled. Try setting the units interface to Spanner and see if that works. Is it a Garmin adapter? They do some funny stuff with their usb that can cause issues with non-Garmin usb power cords.
  3. have you or someone else used demo mode to load maps to your unit? if so you will need to delete the demo key on the pc and then reload maps to the unit
  4. Yeah, the Garmin 60CSX - it would be great to see an update to that unit...
  5. While I have no doubt that someone here will provide an answer to your question(s) you may also want to try submitting your question(s) on one of the Trimble forums on the web.
  6. Doing that can trigger a hole in space and time and suck you out of existence (as we know it). But you have to turn twice as slowly when you do it
  7. 3.2 mpixel on my coolpix 990 (of about 5 year old vintage) gives perfectly acceptable 8.5x11" enlargements - of course it does have a better lens and a larger sensor (I think) than these new units... that said a camera in hand sure beats the one left at home. i'm curious to see how well garmin's implementation of 3-axis works.
  8. No, sorry. But here are some other "predictions" from past threads... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=119016&hl= http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=112222&hl= http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=139488&hl= http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=197388&hl= These things are always subject to change - but I guess we'll see what happens.
  9. one other thing and you may not believe this because we've been wanting this forever... but the word is 3-axis... and nothing about colorado.
  10. it's 3 megapixel (which is better than or at least on par with most cellphone cameras) and it georeferences the images - not a bad thing handy for marking locations when you travel
  11. call garmin at 800-800-1020. tell them you were given the wrong version of cn by the reseller. see if they can't somehow arrange to get you the non-nt version of cn. it's worth a try.
  12. hmm, i'm pretty sure my cs v6 had 3 disks. 2 in the jewel case and then 1 other that was the actual "setup" disk. it was a few years back since v6 but that's what i remember.
  13. the old versions of city select and city navigator had one extra disk in the package which was the "setup disk". it was usually in a soft slipcase and not the same disk as disk 1 in the city select or city navigator map disks which usually came in a jewel case. if you are using that "setup disk" then i'm not sure where the problem lies.
  14. i wonder if garmin's next series of handhelds will use another state name like the colorado? maybe the utah, the wyoming or perhaps the oregon? i guess we'll see.
  15. nothing different - you've got the right thing - just use the adapter that came in the hcx box when you bought it. the back that came with the handlebar mount is useless to you - throw it away. you use the back from your hcx - just screw on the adapter - it's in your hcx box...
  16. i had a similar situation back in 2005 on a carnival cruise coming from aruba back northeast to san juan pr. for that matter, all throughout my cruise which took me from san juan to dominica, barbados and other islands in the southeast part of the caribbean there are numerous holes in my tracklog - some of which are tens of miles long.
  17. i have heard that garmin accounts for almost 20% of navteq business. will navteq/nokia blow off garmin? no - don't think the shareholders would be impressed... then garmin purchases tele atlas. maybe tele atlas will enhance some existing content that navteq/nokia might want in future? maybe they'll trade with each other and guarantee availability of maps for both companies' future products...
  18. you might want to consider each vendor's map software offerings. once you start buying maps for one vendor you'll be inclined to continue purchasing gps units from that vendor because the maps (that you are now invested in) are proprietary to each vendor.
  19. yes - garmin has many more usb devices than serial these days - time to upgrade?
  20. this may be garmin's doing, but i think navteq is driving this (excuse the pun) from behind the scenes...
  21. hmm, garmin's carabiner clip is sort of d-shaped - check the accessories page for the 60 series on their website. if that's not the piece you're talking about then please post back.
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