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  1. Just a note to acknowledge that Joe did finally send me the USB / Data cable ,....abit a month late and after several emails sent by me reminding him of his commitment. To not be late for anything, for a date, for dinner, for work, for an appointment,......is very important to me. Not being responsive and following through in a "timely" manner on a commitment,....just pisses me off.
  2. Redleg, (Joe) the fellow that post the above offer to sell the subject GPS and I came to an agreement via PMs to sell his GPS to me. I sent a Postal Money Order (PMO) for the full amount agreed and ask that he acknowledge when he received the PMO. Joe responded on July 2, 2009 that he had received the PMO and would send the GPS as advertised. Joe after being prompted by email finally acknowledged that he had sent the package on July 8,2009. I received it July 11,2009 and when I unpacked found everything to be as advertised except the USB/Data cable was missing. I promptly, that day, (July 11,2009) notified Joe by email that I had received the package and that he had overlooked packing the very important USB/Data cable and I request that he sent it to me. Joe responded that same day (July 11,2009) and apologized that the item had "slipped his mind and that he would get it to me ASAP. " I have not received a follow up email from Joe nor the missing USB/Data even after sending two additional emails requesting a response up to the date of this posting. We all take a leap of fate when we sell and purchase items on the Internet but a level of additional trust is assumed when dealing with a community of like-minded Geocheshers and particularly those that frequent this forum. I have purchased several items from individuals on this forum and have never had a problem; I hope that this transaction is not a black mark on the creditability that I have placed in my dealings here.
  3. So..... if it is for sale,.....and what is your price ??? I might be interested.
  4. I have a Magellan eXplorist XL that I have had for a while,.... a wonderful GPS. The other day I was looking at the buttons and noticed that the rubber cover for the Joy Stick/Click Stick was missing,....??? Has any body had this problem and how did you fix it short of sending it back to the manufacture ?
  5. Tom if it is not sold, I am interested and I live in Oroville Ca. Jerry
  6. Trainlove~ He used and was able to understand methods that he got from the Yahoo user groups,....unfortunately for me he has moved on and I no longer have his expertise to fall on to convert additional other imi files for several other states West of the Mississippi for me. I only have Ca.Nv. Az. Or. & Ut. and would like to have others like Mt. Wa. Nm. Co. Wo. and a few others West of the river. I am an old retired Civil Engineer and this new fangled programing learning curve breaks my teeth to think about it. When they come out with a wide screen PN -40 type model, like the XL, then I will convert to the newer GPS and mapping available,....in the mean time these old eyes can still see my trusty XL.
  7. Good post Erickson~ I have also been wondering about the new, expensive (if you would like the whole USA) AccuTerra maps offered by Magellan but was not willing to spend the money to be disappointed again. I have the OLD Mapsend ToPo V 4.20 for the whole USA for less than $100 that I used on my original GPS a Meri/Plat and found that it had most/all of the logging/mining/4x4 roads and trails where I ride my ATV and depend on it's accuracy to navigate in the vast desert areas of Ca., Az., Nv. and UT. I later upgraded to the wonderful Magellan XL, GPS and the new Mapsend ToPo 3D and found that the same roads that were on the old V4.20 ToPo software was missing on the new 3D, ToPo and a waste of my money. So I had a computer engineer friend of mine HACK the old V4.20 ToPo software so that it would load onto the eXplorist XL, Magellan (call them STUPID) did not make the newer eXplorist GPS line compatible with the older Mapsend Top 4.42,.....So now I can use The *older V4.20* but superior mapping on a larger form factor GPS like the eXplorist XL and have it work and give me the detail that I am looking for , even though the mapping is 5 years old +,...... is still much better than what is on the market now and for the purpose that I use it for. Magellan has lost its good name, state of the art product position and the ability to survive in this very competitive market. This was caused by there disregard for customer support and there lack of software/ firmware up grades. To waste any more money on there less than stellar software ( AccuTerra maps) is a waste. IMHO !!!
  8. I see that you have over 100 views on your two XL advertisements and no response. Your request to make a "Make a reasonable offer" is not causing any interest,....I suggest that you state a price that you can live with and I might be interested.
  9. Thanks for the heads up RRLover~ I have access to three XL's and just said " what the heck" if I brick one of them,.... So I just downloaded the Australian update and tried it on the first one and it worked. That worked so well that I did it to the other two and they all work just fine and have WAAS . Why can't Magellan do this on there web site ?????? I noticed that you were reluctant to up grade yours,..."I'm waiting till I've a PN-40 before I risk "brickin'" the XL". This works and you might save some money because you might not need that PN-40. stutzismydog, look here : http://www.nextdestination.com.au/Pages/Do...dId=13#Firmware Scroll down to the firmware for the XL version 1.55 it's not supposed to be region specific, but : Backup your basemap, just in case! Do a "clear all" before, and after the upgrade!!! Also, look here for the screens that you should get : http://members.ozemail.com.au/~defender110...u/mypage/xl.htm I'm waiting till I've a PN-40 before I risk "brickin'" the XL Norm
  10. I tried it on both of my eXplorest XL but it was no joy.
  11. Thank you Motorcycle Mama, you have come to my rescue for a second time on the Nuvi 260. All of my previous GPS possessions have been Magellan and over the years and lots of reading forums like this I have been able to survive the ever changing applications of soft ware, hardware up dates on the Magellan products. The Nuvi 260 is the first Garmin GPS that I have purchased and I am now asking a lot of questions from knowledgeable people like you for guidance,...thank you.
  12. After 67 VIEWS no one has an answer to the question ?????
  13. I had to purchase the Map Update 2009 for my Nuvi 260 on DVD and I have installed it on my computer and also updated the Nuvi 260,...the question is what do I do with the Map Update 2009 file that is just setting on my computer occupying space ?? Should I delete the file or is it to be used for future updates by Garmin ??
  14. Aside from all of the good advise that I received on this post for which I appreciated,.... I will have to add that the updated 2009 City Navigator North America NT DVD that I received today was installed on my Nuvi 260 with no problems. The only code needed for the install was the 8 cypher product key code that was on the 2009 CNNA, DVD and no other action on my part or the previously registered owner was necessary,....what can I say other than it worked for me with out the explicit steps that were out lined in the above link.
  15. Thanks ryleyinstl for your link about buying used Garmin GPS units. It looks like I am now screwed as the previous owner has registered the unit. I tried to register the Nuvi and Gamins' link informed me that it was all ready registered. I purchased this from a nephew that is a young man who was not careful with all the documentation that he had and is not able to recover the information. I was unaware that all of this registration was required by Garmin from one owner to another,...what the heck is all this about ??? So now I have a Nuvi 260 that I cant up grade and have spent $78 for Gamins new 2009 City Navigator DVD that I cant install into my Nuvi without some unlock code that I supposedly cant get now because I cant transfer the original reregistration information because it is lost ???
  16. I have always been a Magellan fan, Not any more for my future GPS collection, and have sold a few to others and they have had no problems updating software with them. I have purchased a Previously owned Garman Nuvi 260 for my wife that has the 2008 maps. I have updated the firmware to 4.40. My question is,.... will I need some type of coed number from Garman for the 260 GPS that was previously owned and registered in order to up date to the 2009 maps from a DVD that I purchased from Garman ???
  17. I have always been a Magellan fan, Not any more for my future GPS collection, and have sold a few to others and they have had no problems updating software with them. I have purchased a Previously owned Garman Nuvi 260 for my wife that has the 2008 maps. I have updated the firmware to 4.40. My question is,.... will I need some type of coed number from Garman for the 260 GPS that was previously owned and registered in order to up date to the 2009 maps from a DVD that I purchased from Garman ???
  18. STORM180~ I was the original, poster of the topic and when I checked back in to read what the responses were, my post was missing. It still had me listed as the OP but you had posted the information,...so I just chalked it up to a SNAFU ???
  19. I am more than just a little disappointed in the way Magellan is handling their lack of support of their products and even more pissed off in their mapping software. I purchased MapSend ToPo 4.2 and it had most of the trails that we use and I thought that it was remarkable in the detail. When they came out with ToPo 3D it was not even close to the detail that was on ToPo 4.2 let alone an update of the ToPo features, a slick package but no cigar and a waste of money. Now they have brought out AccuTerra that breaks out six segments of the country and charges $60 for each segment. I see at least four segments that I would like to have but I am not going to spend $240 to cover the areas that I need. As a matter of fact, I will be looking at the new Delorme pn-40 as my next GPS if they can just come up with a larger screen.
  20. I just wish that the new PN-40 had the option to get a larger screen like the size of my Magellan XL ( That has been abandoned by *M* ) that is the perfect form factor for my ATV navigation adventures. I have several Delorme Mapping software products that work well and would like to replace my XL with something for these old eyes to be able to see. How about it Delorme,...step up to the plate and offer a larger screened PN-40XX !!!
  21. northernpenguin ~ My 3 year eXplorist XL also lost its ability to find the WAAS satellites and I thought ,....What the hell, and downloaded the XL 1.55 EU that is found at this sight and WAAS is now showing up in the EPE window and I also have several new useful screens. http://gpsinformation.org/perry/magellan/
  22. You are the one that would like to sell them and I might be interested in the purchase IF the price is right,....so what is your price ??
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