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Gpsmap60cs On E-bay


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Item number: 3087513069 ??


Add $14.00 for GROUND shipping! 395 + 14 = 409


PLUS ADD $5.50 for insurance! $414.50


Seller has had a few complaints about items not in stock - be prepared to possibly wait for it.


Current high bidder has NO FEEDBACK. Good possibility for second chance offer if he renegs.

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There is a bunch of the CS's on ebay. It is weird to see the current bid on some of them close to what I paid for mine or higher. I would worry some about warranties when you really don't know who your buying from. I would spend at least twenty bucks more than over ebay.



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e-bay is strange place. I'm in the market for Gold, and there is bunch of auctions is selling them 10 - 50$ higher than wal-mart. and people are buying. I cann't see any logic there :rolleyes:


P.S. ofcourse there is always good deals floatring around e-bay you just need to shop around.

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