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Tb Idea

The Weasel

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I had a TB thought/idea that I thought would be a good idea.


What I was thinking is having 2 TB's. 1 of the the TB's would be a key to a padlock. The second TB would be a box that is locked with the padlock that the key goes to.


The big thing would that inside the locked box is the coords to a cache that I would have placed. So basically, you would have to find both TB's in order to get the coords to the "secret cache". I would start the TB's on opposite sides of the country so it would take awhile for the 2 to meet up.


I wouldn't list the cache on the website until it had been found by way of the 2 TB's coming together to reveal the coords.


What does everybody think? Cool, stupid, etc....

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The main problem is not getting the two tbs together but the fact that when they finally meet the chances of them being anywhere NEAR the cache is close to nil.


Now if you release both TBs locally and request that finders redhide them separately, you may get some finds before one or the other bug becomes lost. (which, by the way, means you ought to try and get multiple locks that all work with the same key and a couple of keys so that you can replace tbs that go missing, get muggled, or otherwise disappear off the radar.)


A common variation of the last one is to make the cache a mystery cache and to put the lat on one key and the lon on another and once someone has found both, they can go looking. The advantage to that method is that they can release the one before or when they find the other.

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Thats similiar to what I do with this cache. I have 4 TB's released with instructions that they remain within a certain geographical area.. Finding each one gets you a portion of the coordinates to the main cache. Only by finding all 4 can you locate the main cache.

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I like WH's 4-TBs plan.


The lock and key plan that Weasel outlined originally has the logistical problems bons went into. He mentioned the need for the finders to rehide them separately again after a matched find. That part would be the biggest hassle for the finders. What D/T for the parts? How far apart is the min/max? How far from the final cache? Etc.

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I thought of having a travel bug be the key and the lock would be on the cache. Thus, you would need to find the key, take the key to unlock the cache, then hide the key in another cache.


Another variation to this one might be to have a bug be a combination, that would open the lock on a cache. That way, the bug could be hidden again more quickly and more people could find the cache because the combination bug would be in circulation more quickly.

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