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State Of The Geo-union


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Tonight was the pres's state of the union address, but I didn't even bother.

(Perhaps because today is my birthday.)

But in any case, give your opinion on Geo-Caching and our sport.

I am interested to see how it is goin in your neck of the woods.

(And it is okay to say happy birthday to me to. Just don't sing.)

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Happy Birthday!! :rolleyes::( In my area it is slowly starting to grow. I just started a month ago but I have dragged some of my friends along. I work in a pretty large factory and I know of at least three people that have bought gps units to give it a try. Probably because of my constant nagging them of "have you bought a gps yet?" To get to a large cluster of caches though I still have to drive a couple of hours either to Buffalo NY or Erie PA.

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It's booming here (central Indiana), at least based upon the number of caches available.


1421 within 100 miles of Indy (appros)


I get about 30 or so new per week, most in places I don't have immediate plans to go to.


I have personally placed 17 in the last year. 2 are permanently gone.


I have "proselytized" 2 people who, at least for a while, were pretty active. I have 2 relatives' kids who love to go with me and a request from 2 of my former campers. (These are difficult situations. I have a slight problem with taking other peoples kids, whom I only know casually, out in the woods. So I have not yet honored those requests. I will probably require that a parent go with them if they go.)


So all-in-all, at least in my personal circumstances, the state of Geocaching is good. I really can't speak for the rest of the caching community around here because I'm sort of a loner by nature and I have not made close acquaintance with any other cachers.

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Happy Birthday CrzyCrzy! Let's just say as far as caches go here...all I kept thinking today while hiking/slipping up/down a completely iced over hill with a pretty big incline and a 'good' windchill' was that I can only imagine what it's like caching in the summer! I'm gonna be a caching monster! :rolleyes:

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In Central Iowa, we have about 30 some clustered around Des Moines, maybe 40, depending on what you're counting. I've found most of those, so now I'm faced with driving a ways to find more. No more spur of the moment blasts out to somewhere. . .


There are some sizable and unforgivable holes in the cache coverage area. I'm doing what I can to fill some of the holes. I've hidden one last week, and I'm thinking about one or two more this week. And even in this time of relative inactivity, no matter how far into the slog I seem to hide one, there's always at least some die-hard who will go after in within a couple days. That would be me if someone else would do the hiding!

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Things seem to be growing here too. There have been more caches over the past year. Nebraskache has moved to formally organize and a separate state web site has been created. Cachers in the more rural western part of the state are becoming more active with one seeking to form a western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming group. Overall, I would say things are looking pretty good.

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