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How Do I Get Coordinates Wit No Gps???

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The map itself should state the datum it uses, WGS 84 means "World Geodetic survey 1984", NAD 83 is National Aeronautical datum 1983 if I remember correctly.


Looking at the area of the map where the scale etc is should give you the datum that the map is based on.


If it is not WGS 84 then online mapping sites such as jeeep can give you the conversion.

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Does any body know how to get coordinates without using a GPS, is it all posible?? what with all do if our GPS die one day??? B)



The co-ords listed on the cache pages are WGS 84 but if you choose to use a map and compass you have to check for which Datum the map has been produced, most I have used have been the NAD 1927 Datum. The cache page also gives you a link to convert from WGS 84 to NAD 1927 http://www.jeeep.com/details/coord/ . If you do use a map and compass, UTM is the way to go. It is far easier to plot and You will find it listed on the cache page also. My Scout troop found thier first cache using a map and compass, they had a riot. Hope this answers your ? Happy Caching :huh:

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With a good sighting compass, a good map and a few obvious visible landmarks you should be able to figure your position. Take backbearings from at least two obvious landmarks you can identify on your map. With your compass set-up and oriented properly you can draw these bearings w/pencil and straight edge of compass. Where the lines cross there you be.

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