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  1. Using a compass and a map I Know, the questions was how to get WGS 84 Coordinates without using a GPS Thank you very much
  2. Does any body know how to get coordinates without using a GPS, is it all posible?? what with all do if our GPS die one day??? BlueCapricorn
  3. I love my Vista, The Map is Excelent. comperining to my friends magellant, I always win findding all ours Geacaches Cheers BlueCapricorn
  4. Hi all! I would just like to know who died and made DonnaG the queen of geocaching ??? We do not need anymore regulations other than that which we already have which were established by the founders of geocaching.com . I think they are respectful to both the environment and everyone, and we do not need any more rules, they are fine as they are. Geocaching is fine as it already is, I cannot imagine any government getting involved in a game. The impact of our caches sites are minimal to the environment as you can see if you compare the amount of sites in California to that of the amount here in Ontario (there are more sites in California than in all of Canada, and California is still very beautiful!) Please leave the government out of this very enjoyable activity, unless you enjoy paying government fees to find or place your caches! Thank you! BlueCapricorn
  5. I loaded the new solfware to my vista an now does not work as well!! anybody with the same problem?
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