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I recently emailed an owner about a cache that kept popping up on my list of undone nearby caches to find out what the status of the cache was, as there were multiple notes of no finds on it, including previous finders who definitely stated it was gone since May 2003. However, it was still listed as an active cache. The page itself said the owners were going to try to get it replaced, but this was in May 2003 as well. Anyway, I took the step to email them, but the email bounced back as undeliverable. I then went to their profile. They had one cache placed, none found, no TBs, etc. and had not been active since October. I then clicked the page option for "Needs Archived". Today, it now no longer shows up at all. I thought that an archived cache would simply say it is archived, but available for viewing. Since it is completely eliminated, does this affect the stats of those who have previously completed the cache?


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In my research, I have been able to access archived caches through anybody's logs. If you're examining someone's stats you can get to any archived caches logged by that person. If you know the user name of the owner of the archived cache, again, you can access it through their profile.


As far as searching for archived caches, I guess I just couldn't think of any. :unsure::bad:

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OK, found part of my answer out by doing some sleuthing...archived caches are NOT eliminated from the stats of those who have completed them. HOWEVER, some archived caches can only be found by going through the stats of those who have found them, and are basically eliminated from viewing by anyone who hasn't been there to log the cache. Yet there are also archived caches that DO show up when I type in my zip code for example. Why is there this difference?

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Are the caches you found from your zip code archived or just disabled? Archived cache should not show up in a search but are still viewable if the cache is in a cachers finds, hides or on your watch list. If the owner of an archived cache would like to replace the cache and have the cache unarchived, they just need to contact the reviewer that approved the cache, if archived by the local reviewer, then contact that reviewer or the contact@Groundspeak.com address.

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As an example, it says this at the top:

This cache is temporarily unavailable. Read the logs below to read the status for this cache.


Then, checking the logs, it says that the last official find was April 13, 2003. Two other logs are entered up to the time the owner checked on it in July, 2003, both no finds. On July 21, 2003 the owner says: Sorry folks, but it appears that someone has taken the cache. I am not sure if we will rehide this one or not.


I have no problem with winter/seasonal archiving/removal, etc. But this one seems definitely (and indefinitely) unavailable, as one can safely assume that if it hasn't been replaced by now, it won't be. This cache shows up all the time, and while it really is no big deal to skip over it, I am curious as to the criteria used by Groundspeak to finally eliminate a cache from general viewing.

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Archived caches will no longer show up in your closest cache searches, but if you know the waypoint name, it will show up on that search. You can also access archived caches if you know the URL, or through the owner's, or a finder's profile.


I am curious as to the criteria used by Groundspeak to finally eliminate a cache from general viewing


They don't proactively look for caches to eliminate. Someone has to point it out to them and the best way to do so is the "should be archived" option.

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You're speaking of temporarily disabled caches, not archived caches.


If you think a cache has been temporarily disabled for an extended period of time, and it's bugging the heck out of you by sitting in your list of unfound caches, write to the owner or log a "should be archived" note.


We do rely on reports from geocachers to keep the database free of caches that have been disabled for many months (other than for valid reasons, like a mountain cache that's unavailable in winter). Some volunteer reviewers also go through the list of caches in their area periodically and leave reminder notes and/or archive these caches.

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I beleive that there are now two ways to arcive a cache. You have the following ways to archive the cache:


Archive (show)

Archive (no show)


I assume that with the (no show) option, no one but the cache owner will be able to look at the cache page even if another cacher inputs the waypoint number.


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