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  1. Hmmmmm.... cachers should also check out the series of "Stargate" geocaches that are out there to move coins along and are found around the world! Check out Stargate P5360 as an example! I'd ask to be on your listing, but my good friend Labrador Wildman is already on the list and lives nearby!
  2. OK... what gives!??!!!!!! I go to the mail after being on the road for the last three weeks on a caching vacation around Newfoundland and Labrador(we hit 2000 finds this year!), and find a bubble mailer in the box. I know I had recently ordered three new Compass Rose coins, but really wasn't expecting them yet, so I head home and open the package. There is an absolutely gorgeous geocin in the package, with no info on the coin whatsoever, so now I get very curious! I've made no recent trades, so I search my invoices to see what other coin I might have ordered, not that I order a lot!... nothing there.. check the post mark... hmmmm from the US, mailed July 23, 2009... no 'regular' tracking number, but seems to have a series number... can't tell what company made it... OK lets just type in the caption "This coin offers luck and protection to geocachers"... and here I am posting this!! WOW is all I can say! This is truely an amazing coin, and all I can say to whomever mailed it is a sincere, heartfelt THANK-YOU!!! If youwant, I can mail you one of my own personal coins... of course that would mean sending me your address , although I do know the state this was mailed from, so that narrows it down somewhat! Anyway, I feel like a very lucky person in life already, so maybe this coin works backwards and forwards!! Thanks again for making my day even brighter that it already was!! This is truely an amazing gift for a cacher! I will treasure it in a tie for best coin only because as I made my 2000th find this summer, my wife (and best friend!) handed me a velvet-covered box with a coin that commemorates my 2000th find, soooooooo THAT is my real favourite!!! ArcticNomad
  3. Lol, looks like another TB in the same series as the first one I posted about just turned up as well! This is my new record for 'The Return of the TB"!! From and including: Saturday, September 25, 2004 To, but not including : Friday, May 23, 2008 It is 1336 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date Or 3 years, 7 months, 28 days excluding the end date Gotta love it when they come back!!!
  4. S'utsugua RingWraith Released: Friday, January 30, 2004 Missing: 10/2/2005 Found: 5/10/2008 It is 952 days from the start date to the end date, end date included Or 2 years, 7 months, 9 days including the end date
  5. Just a quick note to let people know that all ordered coins have been shipped, and I hope they have all been received! Thanks for those orders, and YES, there are still some left for anyone who still wants one (or two!)
  6. The toughest cache I've done and placed a coin in at the same time is this one 1059 , in the wilds of Labrador, Canada. I seriously think the coin might be rusted away before anyone else gets out there! It was a long ride, taking us nearly 14 hours overland, and we've no doubt it was the first time a snowmobile was in that area.
  7. A number of you have asked me if I accept trades, and of course I do! I don't have a listing of my other trade coins yet, but if you want to trade for this coin, just let me know.
  8. All orders that have been paid for are now in the mail. Thanks for the interest!!
  9. Maybe you could make use of the numerous STARGATE geocaches set up worldwide that are designed for people wanting to get coins OR TBs moved around! The coin owner just needs to get the coins to the Stargate owner, and then the Stargate owners would take care of the rest... of course I can't speak for all Stargate owners, but this one is interested!
  10. All coin orders placed and paid yesterday (30 +) are filled and mailed as of today. I have a new batch that I hope to get out tomorrow. Thanks for your interest!
  11. I hope to get your orders out today, and as for those of you from overseas, yes I will ship outside US-Canada, just haven't managed to get shipping costs straightened out yet!!
  12. An email would be perfect. Original post edited.... thanks!
  13. We have a new coin that we are proud to offer for sale! The coin is 1.5in dia., 1/8in thick (38 mm dia, 3mm thick), one metal as per pic. Costs: Canada: $10.00(CAN) per coin, shipping for up to two $1.50, 3 - 5 coins extra @ $0.25 per coin USA: $10.00(CAN) per coin, shipping $1.50 for one, $2.00 for two, 3 - 5 extra @ $0.35 per coin ALL prices are in Canadian $, and transaction/payment is by PayPal only. The front of the coin shows a night sky with an inukshuk silhouetted against a rising yellow moon with the Big Dipper in the sky background. The back shows a polar bear standing on the tracking number bar, with a snowflake, compass rose, and the Canadian mapleleaf in the daytime sky. These coins are trackable at Geocaching.com, have their own icon similar to the front of the coin, and have our trademark phrase "In GPS We Trust" on them, as well as various other text. ICON! An inukshuk is particularly interesting to GPS users of course! In the Arctic where distinguishing landmarks are often non-existent, people (Inuit) stacked available rocks into piles often resembling a person, pointing along a 'trail' as a method to find their way around. And of course, the Big Dipper was (is) used for navigation by many an explorer! Hope you like the coin! *Edit - Email me through geocaching.com with your order details.
  14. Hi folks The coins are all gone. Thanks for your orders!
  15. I have about 15 or so coins left, if anyone is still interested!
  16. My wife and I have found two caches here in central Labrador without prior knowledge of the caches. One, "The Search For Spock", was found while we were looking to hide one of our own in the same place practically, and another, called "Where Am I?" was found while snowmobiling. It hadn't even been posted when we found it! This last one was part of a multi, which we did eventually do the other stages of!
  17. Glad to see that the coins are arriving at their destinations, although most of the ones arriving thus far are in Canada, so hang in there folks! Thanks for the orders!
  18. Wow! Thanks for all the orders folks! We have had about 35 - 40 orders for various numbers of coins and have been really busy, getting the orders out over the last two days! Hopefully you will get them soon.
  19. Hi Danoshimano! The coin is the one and only. I had them made last spring, got them just before a two month summer vacation, then September saw some nasty longterm health things happen in my family, so it has taken me until now to have the time and desire to post the coins for others to get. Hope you like them! There are still some left if you want one:)!
  20. COIN STATS: Size: 38 mm (1.5”) Thickness: 3.5 mm Antique Silver Trackable at Geocaching.com (with unique icon) Available for shipping now. COIN PRICE: $ 10.00 Canadian (Includes shipping of up to 2 coins within Canada) Shipping and handling within Canada: ( Canadian funds ) 3 coins = $ 2.00 additional coins = additional shipping charges Shipping and handling to the United States: ( Canadian funds ) 1 or 2 coins = $ 1.50 3 coins = $ 2.50 additional coins = additional shipping charges Shipping and handling Worldwide: ( Canadian funds ) 1 or 2 coins = $ 3.00 3 coins = $ 5.00 additional coins = additional shipping charges We accept Paypal or a money order (Canadian funds) *Please Note - Payments made by credit or debit card subject to an additional $1 charge due to a Paypal transaction fee for this service. ORDERING INFORMATION: If you are interested in purchasing, please send email to: arcticnomad@hotmail.com with the following information: Subject: ArcticNomad Geocoin Geocaching Name Real Name Shipping Address Paypal Email Quantity Activation codes available at geocoinclub.com Thanks in advance for your interest in our geocoin!
  21. Are you thinking about the new Garmin 80CGx 3 inch screen Waterproof unlimited PIO unlimited tracks SiRF Star III LT 60 hour battery usage Solarpanel on backside to charge the GPS Built in 10M pixel camera Built in cell phone. estimated stree price $200 Actually, for an addditional $50.00, you can get a downloadable software package that converts the electronic compass needle into a metal detector that points you right to any metal object of coin size or large within a 50ft radius as well! Gotta have one !
  22. I can finally admit my growing addiction now, after seeing this posting!! My wife and I are both avid cachers (well. maybe I am avid and she just humors me!). Anyway this summer, we drove over 620 km out of our way to grab a Germany geocoin . We were headed to St. John's (Nfld & Lab) from Deer Lake, but instead, drove from Deer Lake to Rose Blanche and back to Deer Lake.... then drove another 120 km (for a total of 740km) towards our original goal... St. John's! We also did over 400 caches this summer, and reached 1000 caches overall. We have our own geocoin, and I guess we are... (I am!) just a little addicted! I love all aspects of caching!
  23. No need beating a dead horse, so this threadis now closed. Thanks to all who voiced their opinions! I have to go caching!
  24. What also "changed" this year is this time you (the collective you) pushed the guidelines a little harder with that Iraq cache. A bunch of people logging "found it at GW4, thanks for another smiley!" on that cache garnered more worldwide attention then a micro in FL would. Because it is so difficult and dangerous to legitimately log, it also offended those who had logged the legit cache. THAT in turn increased the wattage shining on other caches, and brought to light the fact that GW4 organizers tried to pull the same stunt by "borrowing" an APE cache. In other words, you went from flying under the radar and simply annoying some people in the forums last year to painting a big red bullseye on the subject and pissing off the people who run the show this year. You (again the collective you) pretty much forced TPTB to take action. Since I wasn't at GW4, and am not a moderator, consider this a virtual log on an event I wasn't really at... Mopar is right on, as are a number of other cachers above. As I just posted in another related thread... WHY DON'T YOU GET IT??? YOU didn't go hunt for the cache, someone brought it to you, so what makes you think it is OK to log it as a legitimate find???? It is a travesty for the rightful owner or anyone else to bring along a 'COPY-Cache' or the real container to an event so someone can log a unique find such as an APE cache, the Iraq cache, or even a guard-rail micro. YOU WEREN"T THERE. By the way, a geocache is simply the end of a hunt to a posted SET pair of coordinates. THAT'S where you were meant to go. The tupperware is not important other than to have a place to maintain a physical log (and some trinkets if you want), to PROVE you were really there.
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