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What Will Mapsend Get Me That I'm Not Getting Now?

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I am considering adding MapSend US Streets and Destinations to my Magellan Meridian Color. What will this gain me over the pre-installed software? Will the added software take up much space? I have a 128 SD card installed, do I use that for the software? Also, my wife has a Meridian Platinum, can I use the software in two units?


As you can see, I am looking for help in making the decision about whether or not to add this software. I use my GPS mainly for geocaching, but may use it in my car sometimes, too. Thanks.

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Do you have Topo installed? If you use your Meridian for geocaching, that's the first software I would consider. It has the same street level mapping as S&D with the topographic features added. The POI's are different, however. Topo's are topo related, S&D's are not.


The software actually resides on your computer, not your GPSr. You create maps on your computer, then download them to your SD card. The "firmware" on your Meridian does not change, just the map it retrieves from the SD card. As you zoom in, the newly created detail map takes the place of your base map. When you zoom out, it returns to the base map display.


I understand that the new DirectRoute mapping software is restricted to a single GPSr, but Topo and S&D do not have that restriction. The maps you create on your computer can be downloaded to any number of Meridian or SporTrak units.

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What you get is detail. Mostly street detail.

The basemap that comes installed is the enture USA so it doesn't have most side street. It does have highways and some major boulevards.


All 3 MapSend products have much more detail, as well as points of interest.


DirectRoute maps are much more accurate than S&D or Topo.It all depends what you are going to do with your GPS.

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I understand that the new DirectRoute mapping software is restricted to a single GPSr, but Topo and S&D do not have that restriction. The maps you create on your computer can be downloaded to any number of Meridian or SporTrak units.

You have to enter the serial number of the GPS that the map will be used on at the time of generating the detail map file, but I believe you can change the number to a different GPS if you re-generate the file.


I haven't actually *tried* to change the number, but I believe it is editable. Haven't actually heard yet of anyone trying to do that successfully or unsuccessfully either way.


If you want to use your Meridians in the car sometimes, my personal choice would be DirectRoute. You lose the topo information, but the routing capabilities are far superior. The street data is higher quality. On the downside, DirectRoute maps tend to run larger than Topo for comparable coverage. A 128MB card is roomy enough, though.

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I have both MapSend Topo and Direct Route. For Geocaching I use Topo and for runing around the streets Direct Route runs great. I just ordered a Meridian Color and then read page 12 of the Direct Route Quick Start Guide that Direct Route is Licensed for use with one GPSr. I emailed Magellan and in their reply said that I load the map into my Platinum or card reader and then use it in the Color. I hope it works. They also sent me this link www.magellangps.com/en/support/products/mapsenddirectroute.asp

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I use the Topo software with my SporTrac map and love it. We went from Austin to Big Bend National Park over New Year's. I was able to load a zone that covered the entire area we travled. Last summer I took a ride up to Arkansas. I used the Mapsend Topo to create three different maps (of areas I planed to cache in) and loaded all three, then switched maps as needed.


I have noticed a bit of error in the maps. But only in a few places. Such as my front yard. When I'm outside my front door, Topo shows me across the street in my neighbor's yard.


That's this cacher's experience.

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You know I had not considered that problem. When I first installed Direct Route, it did query me for the serial number. But I also just put the map into a second unit and it seems to be functioning fine on that one.... I think.... I will check it out tomrrow and report back.

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