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  1. You can download waypoints using Easy GPS directly to your unit. Some don't like this program but it works for me. Direct Route is a program that will give you turn by turn directions. I have used it on several trips and it works great. For Geocaching I use MapSend Topo. Unfortunatly I don't think you can download them. Comp-U-Plus has a good price on Direct Route.
  2. Well it was a little too cold to go Skiing tonight (5.2°F) so I took my Meridian Color for a short ride with the proximity set to 100Ft. It still beeped at .25 Mi. and when I got to my destination the poximity shut off. However the track lines stayed on the map. I don't know. I guess we will just have to live with it for now. Other than that the program works great. I am not going to get bent out of shape over a little beeping . But it would be nice to have a little more control over it.
  3. I'm not sure but I would think that they would stay as you set them. I just set my proximity to 100 ft. and hope to take it for a ride this weekend. I'll let you know what happens.
  4. You can turn the alarm off or change the distance by Menu>Alarms/ Msg>Proximity.
  5. I have a Meridian Platinum and a Color and was told by Magellan support that you could switch cards from one to the other. You can't! You can switch serial numbers and load the region to a different GPSr. I loaded a 59 MB region into my Platinum and it took about two hours. I then loaded the same region on to a card for my color via a card reader/writer and it took only a few minutes. That's the way to go.
  6. Pre! I started with a Magellan GPS 4000 in 1996. It worked well for pointing me in the right direction . As for finding a waypoint it left a lot to be desired. I used it for my first cache and if it were not for a real good hint I'd still be looking. Every now and then I fire it up. Waiting for it to lock up is like watching paint dry. I put it side by side with my Meridian Platinum and there was a 62 ft. difference in location.
  7. Mine works fine .My settings are from map screen>menu>Map setup>track mode> auto Display check track lines.
  8. I used it on a Cache last week and it worked great. I didn't know the roads in this area and it beeped me right to the parking coordinates. Then I set a Point to Point Go To and navigated to the cache. I prefer MapSend Topo when in the woods.
  9. I have both MapSend Topo and Direct Route. For Geocaching I use Topo and for runing around the streets Direct Route runs great. I just ordered a Meridian Color and then read page 12 of the Direct Route Quick Start Guide that Direct Route is Licensed for use with one GPSr. I emailed Magellan and in their reply said that I load the map into my Platinum or card reader and then use it in the Color. I hope it works. They also sent me this link www.magellangps.com/en/support/products/mapsenddirectroute.asp
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