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Screen Goes Blank In Cold


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while caching yesterday my new gpsmap 76s, with brand new batteries would occ. blank out the screeen. if i placed my hand over the screen it would immediately come back up. it was not turning off, and in my vehicle it did not pull this trick. the temp was between 25 and 32 degrees F. can anyone help me out here? was it just too cold for the lcd display on the map? my garmin 12xl has never done this and i'm curious as to whether or not anyone else has experienced anything similar. -harry

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Another thing it could be is the contrast. I know the screen contrast on my pda is greatly effected by temperature and have noticed some of this with my Map76. Try increasing the contrast in cold and decreasing it in hot weather.

The newer Garmin units use the internal temperature sensor to automatically adjust the contrast. My Vista does this. I never have to mess with the contrast in cold weather.

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Had you been using the metric system.. you could have waited till the temperature dropped to 0 or less before it froze up!! LCD screens have a habit of doing this.. I would suggest keeping it in a pocket between references, it should stay warm.. maybe make a "GPS cozy"? Good luck!



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