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What I could use is acouple of good ides on some GPS's I have two already and they do not support the waymarks left on the geochaching pages.


N 41 78.432 W 82 43.782 (I made this one up)

but when I enter it i can only input:

N 41 78.43 W 82 43.78

Is this just me or do I need better equipment, and if so what are a few suggestions?


Thank you. :D

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It would be quite helpful to know what kind of GPS you have.


Many of the older units could only input 2 decimal places as you describe. Some of those units can be upgraded with a simple software download.


Some people still use GPSs that only display 2 decimals of accuracy. It'll still get you pretty close.


Give us some more information to go on.



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Utm is probably the way to go you said witin 1m meter?

I guess I will have to brush up on the metric system.

Generally the older GPS's that only have two decimals in the Minutes range allow UTM to the nearest meter. (3') That's better than the error position a new GPS will get you.


You may want to update for other reasons, but your GPS will work. I work wiht a guy who blew the dust off his old GPS when I introduced him to the hobby. He was impressed with the new accuracey. He has mothballed his GPS back in the selective availabiliy days.

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most defianatly different, The older versions of gps have c-map cards and usuall have to made at a store starting around $100 U.S. and I am not rich not even close. I have also discovered that one of my maps of this area has lon & lat on it and the grids are small enough to get you close, so that is also a good tool I am thinking about using.

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I have an old magellan 310 with 2 digit accuracy. For multi caches, it stinks because of the obsession of using complicated courses that only work if you can get the 3 digit precision. I tried it and my meridian with UTM. One warning, be sure to check your map datum when you convert over to UTM, my meridian changed both the coords and the map datum and I was all over the place. Got better luck with the UTM when I fixed the mistake.

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I've been using a Garmin ETrex that I bought new last August. It does let you input that last digit. With 74 finds and only 4 DNF's, I'm happy with it's performance. They have newer versions out now that are more caching friendly, with the layout and page access streamlined for caching. The only consistent drawback that I've found is the tendancy to bounce the cords badly around high voltage wires, and giant electricity trees. Triangulation helps some, and I usuallu find the cache anyway, but accuracy definately suffers in that case.

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I have a Magellan NAV 6000

and a Magellan GPS pioneer

Both are acouple of years old and I bought them for plotting corses on my boat.

According to the NAV6000 Qucik Start Guide,you can change the coordinate format to DD MM.mmm. Download the full users guide from Magellan HERE to learn how to do it.


The Pioneer, however, is only capable of displaying minutes to 2 decimal places. You can also download it's manual HERE.

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