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Need Help- Asap!!!!

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Hey maybe that should have been in the cache that an accidental cacher moved a couple of blocks away. If it has a tracking device in it, I want some! If you find out where to get them, I'm sure a lot of us would want to know. Why would you take it if it has a tracking device???? And how would you know if it did? I agree with Sparky...it's probably the chip that makes the lights work, or another CIA covert project...I wanted one of those new Brain Scrambling Self Protection devices for Christmas but my wife was afraid to get me one, thinking I may want to use it on her and slip out for a 90 minute cache adventure. :unsure:

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I've seen these kinds of things before. They are simply a pin with a blinking red light to be used as an attention-getter for the product in question - in your case Bud Light.


That is exactly what they want you to think..........beware, this may be a Homeland security tracking device. Get rid of it as soon as you can.



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I think the original poster thought they found a travel bug, what they are calling a tracking device. Man, too many Orwell fans here...



No, in several communications outside the forums from the original poster, they told me that they truly believe it is a tracking device, because their "dad makes this type of thing,and I know what they are". They are not talking about the travel bug, they are talking about a "computer chip" in the Budweiser pin that they found, and really do think it is a tracking chip left there by the government.

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The whole "Men in Black" aspect that come to mind when you read the original post is humorous as were the many funny comments in the same vien.


But giving Ohms26 the benefit of the doubt for a second:


Is there any possibility that it is a promotional gimick similar to the Coca-Cola promotion with the homing device?




Could it be that the beer company tracks thier delivery employees with such a device and one went AWOL with a truck load of BudLight? Perhaps they used the Geocache as a clever ruse to throw the Man off thier scent by hoping that an unsuspecting Geocacher would wear the flashing Bud Light pin and head in the opposite direction! That's so crazy it just might work!


I, for one, am not taking any chances. If I find one of those in a 'cache I'm logging a TNLN!

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