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thank dog i'm not the only one. i broke a hand and have been in a cast so geocaching has been a low priority lately--i don't have any mittens that fit over the cast, and it's hard to open cache containers one-handed--and i thought things have changed since i've been (virtually) gone. anyhow, i did email towlebooth as well as centris, his back-up as far as the website.

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Hi all,

Thanks to all who have emailed about the MnGCA site. Nice to know that so many people care!! :unsure:


Our host seems to have had a server go down and claim to be in the process of fixing it. They continue to assure me that they are working on it but have not given me an estimate of when they will complete the work. I was able to log onto the database and save our data (which I do on a regular basis, but nice to have the latest) so if they go the way of the dodo we can start with a new provider quickly. Given the good service we've gotten for a low price all year I'm willing to give them until New Years day to solve the problem. If they have not I'll shop for another. . . If you have a good, cheap web host that can handle ASP, PHP, mysql and MS SQL Server give me a shout.


Thanks for your patience and happy 'caching,



MnGCA Webmaster

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ASP, PHP, mysql and MS SQL Server

Between those four sitting on a Windows server, I'll venture to estimate about 3,734,286 root-level hacks and SQL injection exploits to juggle around keeping patched. :D My baseless bet is on the server getting hacked. :unsure:


Thanks for the work hosting the site towlebooth. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help out in the future. I have my fingers into everything but ASP.



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Geez, it's STILL down???

Yeah - I'm fed up too. ;)


I'll be moving the site to rickrich's recommended server, switching code languages & db, and getting us back up ASAP. I'll try and get the forums back first but we'll have to use my last backup, which is older than I'd like thanks to a busy holiday season. . .The good news is that the forums should go smoothly as they are already php/mysql.


Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.


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At least its free, so if it goes T-up you aren't out anything other than the time to set it up. The issues I can think of that could be a potential problem are the 5GB/mo bandwidth limit and I'm not sure if there are any limits on the size of the MySQL database. Extra GB's cost $1.


It can't hurt to sign up for it and check it out to see if it will fly for MNGCA. You don't even need to give them a credit card number unless you want to register a domain.



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Hey Kitch,


Don't worry about the wood...I took care of that when I was out caching today. Was on a steep incline and took a spill down the hillside. Knocked my head against two very large and hard trees. :blink: We should be good for awhile.


But seriously, I want to thank Towlebooth for all the hard work he's had to take care of over this holiday.


Cheers to you and Happy New Year!

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