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How Dry I Am....


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Weve been to a number of caches lately that after we got there we had to turn back because of high water levels. Unfinished business comes to mind, so does about any cache near wayne NJ this week. Im trying to determin if I should invest in some hip waders. Im interested in finding out if many others carry such speical equipment in the trunk of thier car for such occations... everyone except bassoon pilot, after reading his log for unfinished business its clear he doesnt let a little thing like water stand in his way :lol:

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I have chest waders for trout fishing and I'd consider bringing them along if I was going for one of the swamp caches. BTW,I think Bassoonpilot does keep waders in his car, or at least he used to.


You you should be able to find an inexpensive pair of hip boots at Sports Authority, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc... for under $30.

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I always keep a set of swamp boots in the trunk and anytime i go in the snow or after it rains I wear them. I think i got them at cabela's for like $15 about 10 years ago and they were the best $15 I've spent. All rubber, 100% waterproof. They come to just below my knee and all me to ford water up to about 18" deep. Did Melvin's in them too without getting muddy :lol:

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I haven't done a cache yet that i wasn't ok with just a good pair of hiking boots. But as I continue to expand my caching area I'm sure I'll be needing a pair of hip boots. I do plan on investing in a pair and keeping them in the jeep all the time.


When you expand your hunt out this way you'll need them...at least right now.

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