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Is It Just Me


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:huh: Is it just me or does Cache-Tech not believe in freedom of speech. I was involved in a topic about the BC Ferry strike and my post was edited down to literally no words just for voicing my opinion and then closed. This strike happens to affect a great deal of local cachers here on the Isalnd and the Mainland. So listen up Cache-Tech if you don't like the fact that we are dicussing issues on an adult level don't read them.

What are your views regarding the BC Ferry strike???

The Champ!!!

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I forgot to mention.


An alternative to BC Ferries is the new (or not so new anymore) Harbour Lynx.


Their website is www.harbourlynx.com. They run a shuttle service (if you can call it that) from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo a few times a day. They leave from the SeaBus terminal downtown Vancouver.



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I believe in freedom of speech, but I had also asked that the politics, especially the pro/anti union, breaking down into trading shots posts be kept off the Forum. I understand that the strike affects alot of people, you can discuss adult level issues related to Geocaching, but this is a Family Forum and I will not have it break down to bickering between members. Here are the posting guidelines, if they are followed, then we should not have a problem.



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Cache-tech, no disrespect to yourself, but it looked to me like the mood of that forum was pretty light hearted and no one seemed to be upset, uptight, upended, or the least bit uppity -- in fact, the overall mood seemed to quite friendly and upbeat until you arrived and started editing posts (without notifying the poster, I might add). Did you not notice that? It was just a bunch of friends (yes, nearly all of us know each other outside the forums, and get along splendidly) conversing about a current issue that relates to all of us here as cachers (and people).


Chill out a bit will ya, there wasn't a problem.



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