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Comment Box For Tb's

Shaggy of Mysteries Inc

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I don't understand why there is no way to comment about a TB's adventures when we drop them off. This, I think would be more interesting to read about then what you are planning to do with the TB.


It just seems odd to me that we can make comments about what we are planning to do with a TB, but have no way to relay to those reading about the TB what we actually did with the TB.


Sometimes a TB can go on quite an adventure while in someones posession and I think that many people would like to be able to read about it.




What do you think should there be a comment box when a person drops off a TB?






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We agree!

It would be much more interesting to see what someone intended to do with a bug, then what actually happened.

I also think you can only upload pictures to the picked-up log, not the dropped-off log, but I may be wrong about that.

What we've been doing is logging the drop, then posting a note as well, with our additional comments, and any pictures we've taken of the bug's adventures.

This could be done in one fell swoop though, in the one log.

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Thank you for your replys.


I hope no one thought I was complaining. I just had a thought about logging what I had actually done with the TB's I have picked up.


I would like to thank TPTB for all of the nice updates to the site. I would imagine that comment boxs for TB's are not a high priority, but if you could give it some thought it would be very much appreciated!




P.S. In case some of you are wondering why I have no TB's under my profile, I log them under our team account; "Mysteries Inc" .


Thanks for your time!

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Yes, when you're done with the bugs is a better time to post. I either add pictures to the retrieved log entry or add a note with the bug's adventure and put the pictures in the note.


It's nice that the procedure is streamlined to drop off (multiple) bugs, but that mechanism makes it difficult to log notes and pictures for the bugs when dropped, so we have to do it manually. From a procedure writing perspective, it seems awkward the way we would like it. If we can come up with a better solution, then we could post it in the GC.com forum.

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Hi All,


I agree...it would be nice to have a second comment box to "close out" your TB's visit. However; I enjoy uploading photos to my logs, and one way to add parting comments would be to upload a photo (to the TB log) of the cache you are placing the TB into...and add comments in the photo description box.



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