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True Accuracy Of The Gps

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I really would like to know what the accuracy is of my GPS. It seems that even with WAAS, the GPS is only good to maybe 25ft or so. I am not complaining though, if it were as easy as following the GPS right to the cache that wouldn't be as fun. However, there are times when I wish it were just a little better at pointing me in the right direction. That 100ft scale doesn't help when you get to the spot and it turns out that the cache is 50ft away in a target rich environment with lots of downed & hollow trees, debris, etc. If it’s not WAAS then I have noticed that your "on target" probability goes down considerably but is WAAS really that much better?



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WAAS on? WAAS off?


Mine is always on, there is no way to turn it off. My EPE varies from 7-13 usually, and on a bad day 20 feet. We have the technology...why would we not use it?


I find that if I get a good Satelite lock... and let it sit (i.e. on a stump) for a couple minutes WAAS averaging, as Magellan calls it, puts me pretty close to target.

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