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Help Me Decide How Much My V Is Worth..


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The following is based on my research on eBay:


I would sell the MapSource software separately and individually:

MG 5: about $70 - $75

MG 4: about $40 - $45

Topo: about $55 - $60

R & R: about $50 - $55


The above prices are based on genuine legal Garmin software. Your post said "COPY". IF they are indeed illegitimate copies, then the prices above do not apply. In that case, perhaps you could throw them all in together as part of a package deal and add maybe 10 or 20 dollars to the base price of the GPS V (not that I would suggest that you engage in the sale of pirated software).


As for the GPS V, are there any cables with that?


I would say roughly about $160 for just the GPS V unit - give or take $10.00.


There are many dash mounts for the GPS V on the market, so I could not say for sure how much the one you have is worth.


Hope this helps.

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On Topic.


I'm an avid Pawn Shopper. The law they have to follow is everything used has to be 30 to 50 percent off of current selling price. Since they are not retail stores everything is considered used. Even in original packaging.


I've always sold used computer parts for 50 percent. Just to be fair. I think you'll get the best price if you Ebay it. Bidding frenzies can result in retail prices.


What do you want for your Mapsource TOPO?

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I just sold my V Deluxe package and replaced it with the iQue. I sold it on Ebay with the Mapsource and Topo and an eBookman for $380.


I got the eBookman 900 for $49, Topo for $50 so I figure it sold for about $280? On ebay, it's all about using the right words and pictures to sell the product to the naive. For example, on Ebay there are Surefire SF123 batteries going for $25-30. But on Surefire.com's own website they sell for $15. Go figure. Some people do not do research or don't know how.

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