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Whats the biggest...

Guest Pat in Louisiana

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Guest Pat in Louisiana

What is the largest GeoCache anyone has ever hidden? 5 Gal., 10 Gal, 55 Gal...?



Pat in Louisiana




I never get lost!

I simply investigate alternate destinations!

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Guest makaio

I recall someone mentioning creating a cache large enough to hold a bicycle once. Unsure if he ever actually followed through on it or not.


Then there is this one...




which is located in the Grand Canyon..


The description says..


"This geocache is located in Grand Canyon National Park. It was originally constructed BY the NPS and is maintained BY the NPS...

..The cache box is a large wooden box with a hinged lid..."


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...I'd probably have posted a new thread rather than bumping up a four-year-old one...


I don't understand why people apparently believe that having a slew of essentially redundant threads is a good thing. It's not ... it just makes 'searches' cumbersome, which probably leads to the creation of additional redundant threads.


I predict that at some point (in the near future?) the forums will have become such a mess that people will be required to obtain 'moderator approval' prior to opening a thread. :o

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