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A metal detector while geocaching

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Short of having a metal cache which is buried for some stupid reason or otherwise under or behind something solid,or maybe under 3 feet of snow, what good would it be?

I'd think you'd have as much luck slowly swinging a branch all over the area a suspected cache might be. Generally, finding a cache is as easy as being at the same spot it is. Once you are there, it's kind of hard to miss if you look everywhere you could stick a metal detector.


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We've never brought a detector along for any other caches and didn't plan to bring one for this find. It came in very handy for this one.


Anyway, here's our find log


August 26, 2001 by maxxer (16 found)

This was a real tough one to find! A beautiful area, warm sunny day, beer in cooler, awesome trails - what more can one ask for? The Cache!!

We searched and searched...took breaks...and searched some more! Great job hiding it!! We brought a friend along who happened to bring his metal detector for the trip. Good thing! After 1.5 hrs (at least) of searching around once we were down to .00 on GPS, we broke down and read the spoilers/cheat...in the end Jim with his detector was the finder of the cache.


We took the yo-yo and the measure tape key chain and left Reptile toys, glow sticks, and a smiley key chain. Blew some of the bubbles from the cool mini champagne bottle. Oh, and Jim left a Canadian quarter he found next to one of the rocks. Pic # 21(?)


Great time had by all (including the dogs!)

Thanx for the fun Biker Kev!

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I can see that the cache hiders in Maine are not nearly as creative as the cache hiders in the Seattle area.


I hope not, for your sake. I've got plenty more here to find, so maybe I am wrong on that account as well. And I hope to make it out there someday to see just what the differences are.


However, I was stating in general terms; that if a person could get close enough to a cache with a metal detector to determine it was the cache, then if he was in the same spot without one, he would probably find it as well.


Save our forests, wipe your *** with a tree-hugger.

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