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I've decided to take advantage of the three day Labor Day weekend (8/30-9/1) and take some vacation time that's been stacking up. I'm going to rent a car and go on a road trip around the western half of the country. There's a few places that I've picked out that I want to visit, but the rest of the trip is pretty much open right now.


I'll have a total of 10-13 days for the trip - I haven't decided yet how much time to take or on which side of the three day weekend I want to take it.


Here's a map of the places I'm already planning on seeing, with the stops labeled below:




My question to you, fellow cachers, is this: Looking at my route as it currently stands, what would you suggest I see, or which caches along the way are "must find" caches? Keep in mind that at the moment, this route is VERY flexible - I can make drastic changes to it if there's a good reason. The second biggest ball of twine is not a good reason. frog.gif


I can look on a map, find national parks and such and look them up online, but it's not the same as hearing stories and recommendations from people I trust (well, I trust most of you, anyway icon_wink.gif ).


So what do you think?



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Near Twin Falls. Pillar Falls, Cauldron Lynn, and Devils Coral. Pillar is a 3 hour hike and worth it. The other two you can drive fairly close and they are short hikes.


Those are the must see caches that I recall. There are other ones that are nice.


Heading South betwen Idaho Falls and Blackfoot before you get to pocatello there is a rest area in Hells Half Acre (you will know it when you start driving through the lava flow) There are three caches on the trail. The trail is well worth the hike if you have never seen this kind of lava flow. This is if you are heading south. If you are heading north there is nothing in that rest area (I'm workin on it)

Other rest area caches exist.


Massacre Rocks is an interesting rock formation and close to the interstate. Another cache or two are in the area.


Any virtual in Yellowstone is probably worth it. That is the mose awe inspiring area of land on Gods green earth.

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If you're going to be near the Nevada/Arizona border check out Oatman. It's a ghost town off the beaten path populated by wild mules.


Of course I haven't been there in 20 years. Hopefully it hasn't become a tourist trap.


At any it used to be worth the side trip.


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Somehow, at some point, Folklore ended up on my watch list.


It's 'merely' a virtual, and no one seems to have logged it in about 6 months, but the pictures alone (see the 9/23/02 log) make it seem like one of the those incridible local landmarks you'd never find otherwise. Not too far a diversion from your route to Colorado Springs either.


Love to see this one in person myself someday.




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Originally posted by Jolly B Good:

Staged gun fights. Feed the mules. Looks like it HAS become a tourist trap. pity.

I went there once about 8 or 9 years ago during a trip to Bullhead City. It is quite the tourist trap now... icon_frown.gif



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Well, if you're going to be in Reno, Lake Tahoe is almost a must.


Sorry, I don't have specific advice for what to see there, other than ski resorts, but I know it's a very active place in summertime as well. The lake and the Sierras there are amazing!


I'm off on the longest road trip of my life on Monday, and I can't wait. Have fun!




Edit: I just remembered that Squaw Valley is open year round. Looks like they have a lot of cool stuff going on.

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I know your route doesn't necessarily take you there, but you do happen to make a complete circle around Utah so I thought I would mention it.


I know you're only planning a 10-13 day trip, but, while I'm obviously partial, you'll see some of the most diverse scenery and geology anywhere. From high mountain forests, to dry desert, to red rock canyons, to natural sandstone formations. It's all really quite diverse and picturesque. Just my $0.02.


Whatever you decide I have no doubt you'll have a great time! Take care, be safe, and most importantly have fun!

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Just a note about Utah...

I am from the Salt Lake City area and thought you'd like to know about some of the things you could see if you decide to pass down south from Idaho Falls (instead of going westward).

As you are aware the 2002 winter olympics were held in SLC. There are lots of things to see now as a result. The winter sports park in Park City (movie stars spend time in PC). You can ride the official olympic luge run. We have the Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons famous for mountain skiing, however Snowbird Resort is open in the summer as well. There are many many hiking trails in these canyons. There are over 700 caches within a 70 mile radius of downtown SLC. Speaking of downtown there is the Temple Square, home of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There is a lot of early western history pioneer settlement sites to visit as well in SLC. They have a walking tour. Several virtual caches along these lines. Heading west out of SLC and back toward Nevada on I-80 there is the famous Bonneville Salt Flats where the land speed record has been held. There are multple caches on this route as well. Just thought you'd like to know of the Utah options that you might want to consider.

Kirk out.

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I see you plan to stop overnight near Ft. Collins, CO. There is a pretty good micro brewpub on the main drag through downtown and near that is an excellent place for Italian food. They make their own pasta and I had the best manicotti that I've ever had there. I can't remember the name of either, but they are the only ones that I know of on the main drag and are on the east side of the street. Since the area is only a few blocks long, they shouldn't be too hard to spot. The Italian place has Italian colors. The brewpub is the company that makes Fat Tire and Sunshine. Fresh Sunshine beer is a wonderful thing!


There are a bunch of caches up the Poudre canyon if you want to take a caching side trip and enjoy a scenic drive.



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This is a LARGER version of a College field trip I took in 1979, over Easter vaction.


My College was in Northern LA County, and our trip was a smaller loop, but it took over two weeks.


We went first to Mitchell Caverns near Needles, then the Grand Canyon, Next to Wapatki ruins, then to Barringer Crater, outside Winslow, then to the Petrified Forest, then Canon de Chelly, then North to Monument Valley Utah, (Toured the Peabody Coal operations), Zion National park, Bryce Canyon, then Parker Dam, Las Vegas and then Death Valley.


Anticipate taking LONGER to get around than you plan




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I recently made the Reno-West Yellowstone trip myself. There are a bunch of easy traditional caches along I80. The best cache along your route would be Craters of the Moon Hot Spring Near Twin Falls, ID. It is an awesome hot spring that you can take a dip in.


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