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Longest time with no visits logged?


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I have four active caches. Two in Northern Virginia and two in BFE Virginia. The two that are in Northern Virginia are visited frequently (1-3 times per week when weather is good). On the contrary, my two caches that are both located in some of the most beautiful part of the country (I know, I know, where you live is also beautiful) are visited much less frequently. One of them has been visited only twice in seven months.


Who can beat February 15th as the longest stretch without a log?

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These are caches I've found that mostly fit the bill, or come pretty close ... some are so good, I can't figure out why they haven't had much activity:


Cache_Ninja caches:

4quA5 - only find to date was on 10/27/01

electro cache - last found 1/29/02

Serpentor - last found 12/31/01

oms-B - last found 2/23/02

Hellgate - only found twice, 8/12/01 and 5/20/02


Marty621 cache:

Night Vision - last found 1/11/02


Artful Dodger cache:

Proof I was in the Hamptons - only find 2/16/02

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One of my caches was placed on 10/1/2001, and to date has only been found twice. I think it went close to 250 days without a find (It's a MOC cache, so sorry to those who have not signed up. I'm trying to limit the amount of people that go up into this area. Actually didn't make it a MOC cache until February).

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Originally posted by Attila:

THIS ONE was placed 12/1/00 and has not had a first finder yet.


Originally on the cache page:

You will find a tootsie pop in an ammo can if you are the first visitor.


I wonder how long those keep?


Unfortunately, this cache is in the middle of a National Park. It's been brought to light now, and will probably be archived (although we could all assume it's still there - complete with tootsie roll).



Chicago Geocachers

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Attila, I checked the site you mentioned. I sure can yhink of easier ways to get a tootsie pop. Now if the guy had said that there was a 1 ounce gold coin or a 10 ounce silver bar in it.


Then I think I could justify the hike he recommends!

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Well, I've always wanted to hike down there. So, I may just do it to see if the box is still there. It would be a 2-dayer/overnight; permit needed from the Parks Department; and about 50 pounds of flesh to loose before I do it!


"I've never been lost. However, I did misplace the camp for a few days." - Daniel Boone

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