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LOL That happened to me a few weeks ago! We went on a rare family cache outing on my husbands birthday. While driving down the mountains, my hubby requests that we stop by a river so he can do a bit of fishing while the rest of us wait in the jeep for him. I told him, "Okay, since it's your birthday."


The kids and I start playing "I SPY", and all of a sudden it hits me to check on the GPS. I look EVERYWHERE and can't find it! I make the kids get out and I frisk them! (not really). Needless to say, I was stressing BAD! It was not in the pack, not in it's windshield mount, not on the floorboard, not under the seats, the dog doesn't have it. AAACCKK!

I actually Yell at the kids for not being as upset as I was! LOL I remember screaming something like....."IT"S NOT LIKE THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT OR ANYTHING!!" to them. LOL


Anyway, I finally found it slid next to the seatbelt receptacle on the passenger side.


My blood pressure immediately dropped to more normal levels and we were soon back to our "I Spy" game! icon_biggrin.gif




Prophetically Challenged (or is that Pathetically?)

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I got really close to losing my GPS once. I was doing some maintenance on one of my caches, and had some difficulty closing the cache after repacking everything in it. I was about to just leave it, and then, having second thoughts, decided to re-open the cache to rearrange the contents. That’s when I found the reason it wasn’t closing properly -- I had inadvertently packed my E-Trex Vista in it! I always wondered, if I had left it in the cache, would the next cacher have logged his lucky find?


I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.


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Originally posted by seneca:

I had inadvertently packed my E-Trex Vista in it!

I did that with my 10-day-old sunglasses.icon_redface.gif I posted a note on the cache page saying I probably dropped them on the path leading to the cache and asked people who possibly found them to attach a note to them and make them a 'temporary TB' so that they could arrive in some cache close to me.


However, the THIRD visitor after me at that cache emailed me that he saw the glasses IN the box, but had read my log only after he got home. So they're supposedly still in the box. I posted another note on the cache page asking the future finders to leave them there since I'll be driving past the cache in 2 weeks. (It's about 60km/40miles from my home.)


What next? Will I pack my wallet, mobile phone and car keys in the container?icon_rolleyes.gif


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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Originally posted by Divine:

I did that with my 10-day-old sunglasses.

Funny, about 90 minutes after I submitted this post I got a spam mail I have never received before:
Get the hottest style sunglasses of the summer


- I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory. -

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I once found that I was without my GPS when I got back to my truck after a hunt. I had to back track all the way to the cache location, since that was the last place knew I had it. It took much longer to find the gps than it had the cache container. The unit had fallen out of my pocket while I was skidding down a steep hill below the cache. I'm very glad I found it, nobody has logged a visit to that cache since I was there 2/8/03. I'm not sure my wife would have approved the capital expenditure for a new gps. She thinks I'm crazy to begin with, Go figure.


Aladin Sane

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One day i fogot my GPS on the roof of my car, when driving home from the cache. After about 10 minutes of driving a very twisting small road up and down some hills, i recogniced that i was missing something.

I stopped and found my GPS there where i left it.


Thank Garmin for the non-slipping backside of the unit.



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