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GC18 (Cache #24): In Colorado fire?

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Tarryall was hidden on July 2, 2000. The cache's owner writes,

This cache is only a mile or so from where the Hayman fire started. Unknown if this cache survived!


I'll be interested to found out what happens to this one.


"If a boy has enough intelligence, he ought to go into the ministry, except that if when he enters college he is given to carousing, drinking, and wenching, then in that case he should enter the law." - Harvard Student Review, 1796

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Treasurer, I have a t-shirt with that Magellan quote. It's one of my favorites!


Glad to hear that the cache survived. I wonder how many caches have been destroyed in similar circumstances around the country? I remember being in Tenessee in October 2000, and waking up to find that the fog or snow I thought I saw outside was actually smoke!



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I'm the owner of this cache. I started getting a bunch of hits on it over the past month or so, and thought I should check up on this webboard.


Tarryall cache is alive and well. Even has a travel bug in it now (came from IL I think). I hope to get up to it and check it out this weekend (haven't been back up in that area since I got ran out by the fire. I was at a star party a few miles from the cache the weekend the fire started. Had to evacuate 350 of us that were camping up there).


One of my thoughts (especially after this past summer) was to convert this cache to a smaller box and something more weather (and fireproof?). Any thoughts and suggestions?


I'm trying to get back into Geocaching. I placed Tarryall back when I first found out about geocaching, and actually had containers for a couple of more, but never did follow through. I have some good areas in mind. Watch for more up around Wilkerson Pass area (if not this fall then this spring).

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