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What to leave in a cache?


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Another good place to check would be Army Surplus stores, we go to American Science and Sherpers. If people are going out for a hike, would seem appropriate to put in items for a hiker, tools, a compass. Lately I have been putting in these Guinness bottle cap pins that have a flashing light in them... seem to be a big hit, went and bought some more. I also try to stock on kid trinkets... seems to be alot of young 'uns out there! We wanted to leave dog bones for the furby's... but, food isnt a good idea.

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Can I also suggest some items 'not' to leave.

Some posters have reported finding trash.

I have seen some items I consider trash, like broken toys, dirty stuffed animals.

I can't think that food would be a good item as it might attract vermin.

Stuff I think is good - items to put on my monitor in my cube. Unusual coins ie: commemorative, old, foreign. icon_smile.gif

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If the container is large enough..always leave more & "better" than you take.

We have had one of our caches plundered--we had just placed it with some better than average items...8 good items were taken...one cigarette, half a bottle of water & a used cloth hat were left. We were informed by a fellow geocacher that it had been plundered & only a few rock sample left. we understand that there are inconsiderate humanoids out there...so we refurbished it for the next guy, but this has taught us to look out for the well-being of the caches we visit & always trade up or if not taking anything at least leave something that someone might like.

Look at it this way--what would you get excited over finding in a cache?? Then buy that & make it your own personal item that you trade for that free-bee keyring...



So many Caches & Rocks & BM's...

So little time... icon_rolleyes.gif

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Me? I love signature items. Collect 'em. Got two Planters peanut jars full of stuff. Bowed-Up, my better half, collects hat pins. Her bona fide Geocaching hat has about 40 pounds of 'em. icon_wink.gif As an alternative, when visiting out of state, we like to pick up items that depict attractions from whatever the local area happens to have. Leaving items....Bowed-Up is partial to spitting frogs; I've gravitated to bear figurines, pot hangers (frogs, geckos, turtles, etc.) from my local A.C. Moore store.

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Funny that I'm posting right after my brother, but I figured I would chime in.


If it is theme oriented, I like to stay with the theme.


I have a pattern of leaving Dale Earnhardt cards and mining stickers because I have a zillion of them.


I am trying to "spread the wealth" so to speak of the mass quantity that I have.


Though, I occasionally place other sports cards in place of the DE cards, as I have decided to keep the other thousand for myself icon_smile.gif.


Mind you, these cards that I leave have a decent dollar amount, too, as the stickers hold a different value, all in the eye of the beholder.


Signature items sure reflect one's character for sure, even though I haven't actually "created" a specific item YET.

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Theme caches and signature item only caches work well (I have now set all of my caches to this type of cache.) A sig item doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Labeling something is good enough.


I have got to think that the act of labeling something with your name/handle makes one think about what they leave.


Note to cache owners: Themes work great if they are general or they are related (ie: travel and recreation).



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